Satay…ish Asian Inspired Chicken

Today’s dinner was a simple Asian inspired chicken dish with a satay(ish) sauce…
(And…it’s only fair to admit I was highly inspired by this recipe.)

First I made a paste of mixing the following in a food processor:
1 Onion.
1 red Chili, de-seeded.
A large piece of peeled fresh Ginger.
5 cloves of Garlic.
A little bit of Tamari.
A little bit of Lime Juice.
Some Olive Oil (pour in a bit at a time until good texture of the paste).

Then I cut chicken breasts lengthwise into strips and l placed in most of the paste (note: most of…I saved a little bit for the sauce, maybe 1/2 cup (1 1/2 dl)).
Tossed them around so they where all covered in the paste, covered the surface in plastic wrapping and let marinate for about 4-5 hours.


Meanwhile I made a nut butter from throwing a few hands of cashews (I know…cashews are constantly debated wether they are paleo or not, and do have a quite high carb count, but you can choose whatever nuts you like ;) ) in the food processor and mixed to a flour, then I added coconut oil and roasted sesame oil bit by bit until it had a perfect texture.
(The roasted sesame oil really gives it an extra nice, nutty, flavor!)

I had planned to make skewers of the chicken and throw them on the grill, but I guess the weather gods weren’t up to sniffing lovely BBQ-aroma this evening…
…so instead I just gave them some nice color in a frying pan and then finished them off in the oven (390F (200C) for about 20 minutes).

While the chicken was in the oven I made the satay(ish) sauce by frying the marinade paste I saved, then added the nut butter and then added coconut milk until it had a nice, creamy, texture.

Served this with a simple salad, and would say both paleo and LCHF.


(and as always, let me know what you think…)

Oh! Almost forgot! …while the meat was marinating I tried out The Domestic Man’s “Lettuce Chips”
…the plan was to snack on them tonight, but they were all gone before the dinner was done!
Absolutely worth a try!



6 thoughts on “Satay…ish Asian Inspired Chicken

    • Thanks, appreciate it! :)

      Noticed you link to a few unit converters on your blog…feel free to embed the ones I’ve made if you want to.
      (Just click the red “+” in the lower right corner, choose “Embed this widget”, then in the right side frame of the page you are taken to click the WordPress logo and copy the code to put on your blog page where you want to embed it.)

  1. This looks really good! And a house guest brought me some Penzey’s spices this past weekend, one of which was Satay! Question……From the pic, it would appear that perhaps you put someliquid (coconut milk or cream) into your paste? But I don’t see such an ingredient listed? Can you clarify whether an ingredient is missing from the list?

    • Hi there Buttoni!
      …and thank you! :)

      To summarize below text, no ingredients were used that are not listed in the recipe…but unfortunately all ingredients for the complete dish is not listed in the initial ingredient list.
      – – –
      Not sure if you refer to the picture of the paste used for marinating (“bowl picture”), or the picture of the sauce made by among other ingredients a little bit of the paste I used for marinating (“plate picture”)?

      Anyway, for what is described as a paste (ie the marinade) in the recipe I did not add any other liquid except for what is listed (ie Tamari, Lime Juice and Olive oil). Also the Onion, Chili, Ginger and Garlic contains quite an amount of water, so when all blended together in a food processor the result is not a dry kind of paste, more like puree maybe.

      For the sauce served with the chicken I used a little bit of this paste/puree (that was put aside prior to marinating), cashew butter and coconut milk.
      (this is to be found within the text further down in the recipe).

      I hope this answers your question?
      If not, let me know what is still unclear and I’ll do my best to straighten those question marks out :)

      Wish you a nice day, and good luck with the recipe (please post a comment on the result)!

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