Tonight’s Snack: Smoked Mussels

Sorry if you expected a recipe, I haven’t done a thing to those bad boys except for opening the can and sprinkle som sea salt over them…
…but they are just so damn yummy they deserve a post of their own! ;)

Definitely LCHF, and for the Paleo compliance they are canned in a little bit of sunflower oil so I leave it up to you to decide.
(However I’m pretty sure the upsides of the mussels by far tops the downsides of the tiny bit of sunflower oil that follows the mussels into your mouth, belly and system, so I eat those with no guilt whatsoever.)


Have a nice day everyone! :)


2 thoughts on “Tonight’s Snack: Smoked Mussels

    • Yeah, they’re awesome! :)
      Not too far from smoked Mackerel if you’ve had that? (taste-wise that is, texture is completely different…)

      Not sure where you’re from, but a quick google tells that quite a few web shops provide it in different countries. The brand I have is “Abba” (a Swedish brand), but there seems to be some Danish brands out there as well…can’t comment on their quality though.)

      Good luck! :)

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