Yesterday's Experiment: BBQ'ed Slow-Cooked Rump Steak


So…did a little experiment yesterday.
Maybe I should start with the background to why I did this…
I have a few cuts of beef in the freezer that I usually use for slow-cooking stews as they’re quite tough and require a long cooking time (e.g. Chuck). Frankly, I don’t feel like eating stews this time of year…I prefer eating them during autumn/winter to warm me up + the rest of the ingredients being in season then.
However, these cuts are usually much cheaper by the pound than other, less tough, cuts (at least that’s the case around here).
Therefore I thought I should find some good ways to make “summer dishes” out of these cuts.

What I used for this experiment is what I think is the equivalent for what is called “Rump Steak” (literally translated from Swedish it’s the “outer thigh”, but the way the butchers cut the meat differs between e.g. Sweden, US an UK, so that is why it’s hard to find an exact translation…).
Anyway, this cut is also quite tough so I thought it would be good for the experiment.
With that said, here comes the recipe:

[gmc_recipe 5227]


The taste was great with a nice BBQ flavor in the rubbed outer edges. The sauce was a very fresh contrast to the meat.
However, the meat was still a bit chewy…so the experiment of turning tough cuts into summer dishes is far from over ;)







If anyone has ideas, experiences or suggestions on how to succeed with this experiment, please let me know! :)

Take care!



4 thoughts on “Yesterday's Experiment: BBQ'ed Slow-Cooked Rump Steak

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