Variations Of Bun-Less Burgers


I’ve tried the good ol’ bun-less way of wrapping lettuce around the burger, but it often gets too messy I think….
So, with this post I’ll try to give you some more ideas on how to have burgers without the buns, and it will likely get updated every now and then when I’ve tried something new…

[gmc_recipe 5090]



Ps. What’s your favorite way of eating bun-less burgers??



9 thoughts on “Variations Of Bun-Less Burgers

    • Thanks, makes me really happy to read those kind words! :)
      Yup, apple bun burgers is definitely a winner, a much fresher and less…heavy?…experience.
      Let me know what you think about them when you’ve tried them!

      Cheers and take care!

  1. After seeing posts about bell pepper slabs used for sandwiches, I tried it for burgers (red bells for me). AWESOME. I made the patties sort of oval-shaped so they would fit the bell pepper pieces well.

  2. I love bunless burgers! I just usually try to stack it strategically, then go at it with a fork and knife (kind of like your #2). It usually falls apart but is still delicious. If I’m eating a burger in public and don’t have a plate, fork, or knife, I’ll toss one bun and eat it as an open face burger, sandwiching the toppings between the burger and the other bun. Not ideal but a one bun burger is better than a two bun burger. Thanks for sharing your tips….I’m going to try the apple slices for sure!

    • One bun is definitely better than two buns, but what I like the most about that statement is the mindset…it’s way to easy to tell yourself “whatever, if I’m eating one bun I might as well have both”. At least that’s the case for me…unfortunately I’ve got an “all-or-nothing” type of personality, either I’m switched on or off, and have a constant struggle trying to find a way to that golden path of moderation. Therefore, if I’m eating burgers out and can’t get them lettuce-wrapped (only one chain of hamburger joints that provides that option in Sweden) I just order a few “plain burgers” (just meat and buns), throw away the bread and eat the patties…unfortunately that’s the only way for me to maintain control and not free fall into a week long carb binge :(

    • I always manage to make the burger fall apart when I wrap it in lettuce, but I guess it’s a matter of technique :)

      Either way, I really do recommend a slice of apple or two in there as well, it definitely gives a layer of freshness to it.

      Wish you a nice day Albert, thanks for the comment! :)

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