A Popcorn…ish Primal Snack


Nutritional yeast is not very common in Sweden, at least not in my whereabouts. I’ve asked at the local health store but it was nothing they had in stock…maybe they could order some for me. Instead, I let good old Amazon take care of that for me… ;)

So, once I had it delivered I (of course) had to try it out and remembered seeing a simple recipe for “raw popcorn” using nutritional yeast…and after a quick browse through my bookmarks I found it.

That being said, the below recipe is “stolen” straight off from here.
(Not even really sure it actually qualifies for being called a recipe? …anyway, here it is: )

(Serves 1-4)

• 1 Cauliflower Head, broken into small, popcorn sized, pieces.
• A few tablespoons of Nutritional Yeast.
• A few pinches of Sea Salt flakes.

How To:
Put everything in a plastic bag.


(Taste and add more nutritional yeast and/or sea salt if desired.)

Put in a bowl and snack away!

I will not say “it’s just like popcorn” because it (obviously) isn’t…it kinda looks like popcorn, and nevertheless, it’s definitely a great snack!

I loved the contrasts of the somewhat mushy nutritional yeast coating, the crunchy cauliflower and the even crunchier sea salt flakes, and it tasted really good (hard-to-stop-eating-good)!

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Ps. What’s your favorite use of Nutritional Yeast?


I appreciate your questions, thoughts and comments:

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