Coconut / Melon Refresher

Wow, today was HOT! No doubt the warmest day of the summer so far…
By early evening I really needed something to fresh me up, so here’s what I did:

(Serves 1-2)

• 1 Coconut.
• 1 thick slice of (any type of) Melon.
• Water.

How To:
Over a bowl, whack the coconut hard across the “equator” with the backside of a heavy knife while spinning it a little bit at a time in your hand, until it cracks open.
(I recommend using a knife that’s made from one single piece of metal, to avoid suddenly standing with just the handle in your hand and the blade bouncing around the kitchen…)

Once the coconut cracks, pour out the water inside it into the bowl and taste it. (…I opened two coconuts, whereof one tasted sweet and nice, and the other one tasted not so good. Guessing it was probably too old or maybe had got air under the shell making it go bad).

Given it tastes good, pour over the coconut water into a blender.

Then, using a zester, scrape out all the meat from the coconut, measure it and put it in the blender (…my coconut gave about 1 1/4 cup (3dl)).

Add a little less than twice that amount of water to the blender (I added 2 cups (5dl)), and blend for a minute or so.

Strain the mixture (preferably through a bag shaped piece of cloth) into a bowl and gently squeeze out all the coconut “milk”, then pour it back into the blender.

Cut the melon in pieces and add to the blender, then blend shortly.

Pour it up in a big glass, maybe add some ice, and enjoy…

Note: This is drink is not an explosion of intense flavors, so don’t expect a thick, milk-shaky dessert kind of thing…
…but hot damn, it was REFRESHING! ;)



3 thoughts on “Coconut / Melon Refresher

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