Salty Fried Coconut Strips

I wasn’t planning on posting today, but I’m WAY too excited not to…felt I had to share this with you right away!!

See, I did a little experiment again yesterday…and this time it turned out well above expectations!…quite awesome if I may say it myself, and without any doubt the best snack I’ve ever come up with (heck, maybe even the best snack I’ve ever had)! :)

Here’s the story:
Unfortunately for me, I never got a chance to eat very much of it yesterday…
…stupid enough I placed the bowl with all the snack within reach for the dog while putting the oldest daughter to sleep. Then, after the battle with my little princess was won (it was her last night before going back to day care so she was really wound up and excited, and kept on talking about all kinds of crazy stuff), I snuck out of her room looking forward to sit down and relax with my bowl of deliciousness…just to find an empty bowl and a suspiciously guilty looking dog!! ;(
(…She was reeeeally close to an early retirement right there and then!)

Luckily I had already tasted a few of them before this little mishap…and let me tell you, -they where quite awesome!
…so good I had to make myself a new batch tonight (and this time I was more careful about where I put them…no way I could take two nights in a row of a happy-dog-angry-me scenario…that just ain’t right!). ;)
Said and done…right now, as I’m writing this, I’m munchin’ away on a fresh new bowl of salty fried coconut strips with the dog on the floor eye-balling me….I win. :)
(However…not really sure if it’s a good or a bad thing the dog seems to like them as much as I do?? Hahaha!) ;)

OK now, enough talk and time for action, here’s what to do if you want to try ’em out (and I really think you should!):

(Serves 2-4)

• 1 Coconut.
• 2 tbsp virgin Coconut Oil.
• Sea Salt flakes.

How To:
Whack the coconut open (as described here), and remove the flesh (I find it easiest to just keep whacking the halves a little bit more gently until you crack the shell and can break it off).

With a potato peeler, cut the coconut into strips.

Heat up the coconut oil in a large frying pan, add the coconut strips and fry until they’ve got a nice, golden color.
(I suggest frying in two batches to ensure they’re all evenly fried…)

Let them drain and cool down a bit on some paper towels and…here comes the craziness…sprinkle a little bit of sea salt flakes over them (yup, that’s right…no spelling error – salt on coconut)!


Serve and enjoy!

This is a great snack no matter if you’re following a Paleo or LCHF diet! :)
The flavor kind of resembles popcorn, but with a very nice and pleasant taste of coconut lingering in your mouth after each piece…
(Note: the very ends of the coconut were hard to peel into strips, so I just cut them down into small pieces and threw along into the frying pan, and those pieces not only tasted popcorn…ish, the texture when chewing them also resembled the texture of popcorn.)

I hope you will like these as much as I did, and if you do give them a try I would very much like to know what you thought about ’em!

Take care now, and have an wonderful day!

Did I mention they’re delicious, awesome, great, and totally rocks?
Damn, they’re so good I should name them! ;)
…I dub them: “Cocoly Nut…ish!”

(Hmm…in all excitement of coming up with something new, I didn’t think about that maybe you already eat these every weekend?, haha! If so…sorry for bringing old news!
But, if not…don’t forget where you first saw them…) ;)


4 thoughts on “Salty Fried Coconut Strips

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  2. Thank you for posting. Found this while savoring on my coconut strips with… cinnamon. You’ve got to try this :) Was my first time and honestly, don’t even remember something nearly as yummy. I have to confess that I am a coconut freak though :()

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