Thyme And Bacon Liver

Ok, I did it. I cooked…and ate…liver, and (warning you) I will be totally honest about the experience in this post. ;)

With all the buzz about liver that’s been going on in the paleosphere since AHS12, I thought I at least had to give it a chance…
Growing up we never had liver in our house, and my only memory of it is when I as a kid visited a friend, who’s mother had a whole liver baking in the oven…I can still remember how awfully it smelled.
With that background, I can’t say I’ve ever had the urge to try it out…until now.

So, with the lady out of town for a week I thought it’s now or never (she has made it very clear she would not eat it even if she had a gun to her head…).
Said and done…I did some research, picked ideas from here and there, and came up with below recipe.

Eager to get started I took the liver I had purchased out from the fridge and got my first impression…the raw liver smelled like death itself!
My second impression I got after trimming and slicing it up…my kitchen literally looked like a crime scene from a Dexter episode!
However…I kept cooking it, determined to try this bad boy out, and was actually quite impressed with how tasty it looked when done!
Then I tasted it and got my third impression…
I can’t say that I particularly like the taste of liver, but in a weird way I don’t really mind it either (for sure though…it’s far, far, far, from the top of my culinary favorites list…).
But, my main issue with it is…it’s like there’s just something in my sub conscious mind that makes me having a really hard time eating it. :(
Anyway, I finished the serving and I’m glad I did try it out…one experience richer and I can now have an honest opinion about it…but frankly, I doubt I’ll ever do it again.

Don’t get me wrong…good quality liver is probably one of the healthiest things you can eat, and there is nothing wrong with this recipe at all(!).
It’s just me who don’t really appreciate the taste of liver + my mind playing tricks on me (and food just being healthy is not good enough for me, it should be a pleasant experience eating it too!).
Nevertheless, despite my terrible way of selling in this liver recipe, I’m fully confident that any given liver lover will appreciate it. ;)

(Serves 4)

• 20 oz (500-600 g) Veal Liver.
• 1 Lemon.
• 5 oz (140 g) sliced Bacon.
• 2 tbsp Olive Oil.
• Salt, crushed Black Pepper, ground White Pepper and dried Thyme, to taste.

How To:
Pre-heat the oven to 160F (70C).

Trim the membrane off the liver, and cut it in 0.5 inch (1-1.5 cm) thick slices.

Heat up the olive oil in a frying pan, and sprinkle salt on both sides of the liver slices.

Fry them in batches in the olive oil, until they’ve got a nice color (does not take long…), and sprinkle the pepper and thyme over both sides while frying.

Place the fried liver slices in an oven safe tray and squeeze the juice from the lemon over them.

Place the sliced bacon in the hot frying pan and fry until crispy, then place them over the liver slices and pour the bacon fat over it all.

Put the tray in the oven for about 10 minutes.

(When done the liver slices should have a pinkish core, but not being red!)

Serve and….enjoy (if you like liver that is)! ;)

(I served this with a simple salad and some red onion confit as a side dish…)


17 thoughts on “Thyme And Bacon Liver

    • Haha…chopped liver pills, that’s determination eat that liver! :)

      The end of this liver story was that I couldn’t just throw away the leftovers, so I chopped it up until it had a paste like texture and then mixed it with minced beef, lots of spices, onion, bacon etc. and made a meatloaf of it…had no problems whatsoever eating that :)
      (So if one really wants to consume it purely for its nutritional values there’s no problem “hiding” it in other flavorful food.
      …but that was not the purpose of this little experiment of mine ;)

      Have a great day Russ, glad you liked the post!

  1. That was really funny! I guess I can consider myself lucky that I eat liver because I genuinely love the taste. Even for someone who likes the taste of liver, beef/veal liver is a little intense, and I have to be in the mood to truly embrace it. If you’re willing to give it another shot, try chicken or duck liver sauteed with some onions. I’m not sure how it compares nutritionally, but it’s a lot more mellow in it’s wacky and wonderful flavour. Another favourite of mine is chicken liver pate. I saute the liver and onions the same way, but with an addition of carrots, then puree it all in the food processor with some salt, spices, and a little water.

    • Hi Sofia!

      …maybe I should give chicken liver a shot at some point too then, before giving liver (as a dish on its own) my final verdict. :)
      Appreciate the suggestion on how to prepare it, great to have for when I decide to do so (and thanks for the encouragement to not give up on liver just yet haha!) ;)

      I have no problem with liver pâté, and will probably try making some for Christmas (just gotta come up with a good “paleofied” Cumberland sauce recope to go with it…if it works out it’ll definitely end up on the blog) :)

      Thanks for commenting, happy you liked the post! :)
      Have a great day!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this post… but I really, really hate liver. My mom made me eat it when I was a kid. And even though she probably did me a favor, I couldn’t stomach the stuff. Eventually she let me get away without eating it. LOL These days I take a fermented cod liver oil butter oil blend and call it a day. YUCK, LIVER!! ;)

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    • Thanks for sharing Marie, Birgitta’s liver tapas dish sure looks delicious! :)
      Might give it a try next time I’m home alone for a week…maybe ;)


      PS. I replied to your mail, just wondering if it came through since it seems as you’ve had issues receiving the subscription confirmation mail?

  8. Good recipe, and I appreciate the honesty about your experience (though I like liver alright personally), but the endless ellipses are incredibly distracting and irritating! Do your audience a favor and be decisive about the division of your thoughts. You get two sets of ellipses in your lifetime, period.

    • Well… (Just kidding)

      Thank you for taking the time to let me know.
      I know I use way too many ellipses and exclamation marks when I write, and will do my best to keep in mind not to in the future.

      I appreciate your opinion and the reminder, so again, thanks!

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