Kitchen Gadgets: Heard of iPinium?

Last week it was my birthday, and my wonderful kid-o’s got me an iPinium GFB (“Grill/Fry/Bake”) oven plate for present (well…given they’re 1.5 and 3.5 years old I’m suspecting L. had some involvement in the purchase too…), a kitchen gadget that I’ve been kinda curious about for a while…

The iPinium products are made from a “unique patented aluminum alloy which allows for optimal absorption, storage and transmission of heat”, and comes in a whole range of shapes and sizes.
I think the “GFB” plate is perfect for the home chef as it’s grooved on one side, and flat on the other…meaning you can grill on one side, and fry and bake on the other. Convenient.

Confession: I’m a sucker for food with “grill stripes”.
Unfortunately, the country I live in only provide some 4 months of weather making outdoor grilling a pleasant experience (I know…it’s a matter of how bad you really want it, and believe me…I’ve shoved a crater in waist-high snow in my backyard, dragged my Weber Performer out there, just to try BBQ’ing the Christmas ham with hickory wood chips! I wanted it, I did it, …but the only thing that made it a pleasant experience was the ridiculous amount of Ardbeg to keep me warm.) November is even worse…refrigerator temperature and rain. Brrrrr.
With conditions like that you do want some good indoor alternatives. I’ve tried those electric countertop grills, but never liked the results. I have a cast iron grill pan that give grate results, but fills the house with smoke.

Then I read about the iPinium GFB plate and got my hopes up again. Could it be that I can get my grill stripes all year around, with good results and without the previously experienced side effects from indoor grilling?
-YES! …and more!!

I’ve tried it out a few times already, and so far I’m really impressed (I’ve had a few failures as well, but I’ll get to those further down). Of course you’ll never get the charcoal flavor, but:
+ The food is perfectly cooked!
+ No smoke whatsoever!
+ I get beautiful grill stripes!

What more?
+ The plate is extremely easy to clean…a brush and warm water is all you need to make it clean in a second!
+ This plate is the definition of non-stick, no papers or anything like that is needed!
+ Thanks to the high temperature you use it’s quick…this plate is like a pressure cooker for the oven!

As you probably understand I’m quite excited about this product…
All you need to do is to place the iPinium plate on your oven grid and place it in the center of the oven, and then crank the oven up to about 480 F (250 C). Meanwhile you prepare the food that you’ll cook on it (cut vegetables, pat meat dry and season etc) and then you’ll just place the food on the plate and cook for the required time. (There’s a long list of cooking times for different types of food listed on iPinium’s site (see links below).)
When done, take the plate out of the oven, flip the food over and let rest/post cook for another 4 minutes, then dig in.
(Pre-heat, Cook, Rest…easy as 1, 2, 3.)

Lessons learned:
As I mentioned I’ve had a few failures with it too:

Failure 1)
I tried cooking food with three different cooking times in the same go by adding food along the way. The result was that the food I placed on the plate first turned out perfect, the food I added after a while turned out OK, but the last food I added turned out boiled rather than grilled/fried.
I think this was because I let heat out every time I opened the oven door to add more food.
My recommendation if cooking different types of food is to choose food that has about the same cooking time, so you can cook it all in one go.

Failure 2)
I tried to glace some meat before placing them on the plate. The result was kinda boiled this time too…
I guess the glace evaporated and created a too moisty atmosphere.

The best results I’ve had with meat and fish is when I’ve just patted it dry with paper towels and then seasoned it with dry spices…
Haven’t tried marinating yet, but when I do I’ll marinate for a long time so the meat will soak up as much flavor as possible, and then I’ll pat ’em dry too before placing them on the plate.

IPininium claims it should work just fine to place frozen meat directly on the plate aswell… I have not tried it yet, but it will be interesting to see the result given the failures I’ve had so far…
I do have some dry-rubbed meat in the freezer that I plan to try this with at some point…and if it does work, this little plate might do even more wonders to help securing a daily healthy, well cooked meal for a busy family!

Well…of course I can’t write a post like this one without providing you with some samples of what I’ve done with it so far! ;)
Here we go:

“Herbed Chicken Breast w/ Onions, Red Bell Pepper and Asparagus”
The entire meal is made in one go on the iPinium GFB plate…cooking time: 7 1/2 min(!) (Asparagus added half way through…)

“Basil Pork Tenderloin w/ Sweet Potato Medallions”
Cooked in one go, served with a simple Romaine/Cucumber salad. Made 2 tender loins and medallions of two sweet potatoes at the same time…cooking time: 13 min(!)

If you’re interested in reading more, or ordering one of your own, check out iPiniums site:



(I have NO affiliation with the company.)

Despite the lack of recipes this week (sorry for that), I hope you liked the post and that maybe you even got a little bit inspired? :)
Don’t be surprised if the iPinium plate will be mentioned a lot in upcoming posts…

Until next Sunday, have a great week!


7 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadgets: Heard of iPinium?

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  2. Ugh, I’m hungry!! And those pictures are not helping!! Now, if I could make the food from your pictures materialize. That would rock. ;)
    And happy belated birthday!!

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