Ras El Hanout

Ras El Hanout is originally a Moroccan spice mix, but is commonly used throughout the North African region. The name itself is Arabic for “head of the shop”, simply meaning the best the salesman has to offer.
There is no definite recipe of Ras El Hanout…each shop usually has it’s own special blend, and it often contain over a dozen different spices, of which some of course are common denominators.
It goes great with most meat, especially lamb, chicken and duck, and can be used to flavor stews, as a rub, or just to season rice or vegetables.
Anyway, here are the spices and ratios I used for my Ras El Hanout:

• 2 tsp ground Cumin.
• 2 tsp ground Ginger.
• 2 tsp ground Turmeric.
• 2 tsp ground Cinnamon.
• 2 tsp ground Cardamom.
• 2 tsp ground Coriander.
• 1 tsp ground Allspice.
• 1 tsp ground Nutmeg.
• 1 tsp Salt.
• 1 tsp ground Black Pepper.
• 1/2 tsp ground Clove.
(NOTE: the fresher ground the spices are, the better the flavor is…)

How To:
Yeah, I know…I really don’t have to write this down, but…for the record:
Put all spices in a bowl and blend them evenly using a fork.
Store in an airtight container.

Making your own spice blends is actually pretty fun, and they’re great to have around when you’re in a hurry.
Plus…it’s a perfect gift to bring when being invited somewhere…it’s not too much, not too little and much more personal than the standard bottle of wine ;)

Take care and have fun!


13 thoughts on “Ras El Hanout

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  6. Thanks for posting the recipe for this spice blend. I occasionally make a Moroccan paleo dish, but If I had the spice blend at hand, I could just “wing it” when I did not want to follow a recipe, which is often. Thank you !

    • Thank you Gena!

      If you appreciate North African flavors, absolutely! :)
      Just be aware this blend packs _a lot_ of flavor, so start with a little to “get to know it”.
      It’s according to me it’s especially good for seasoning lamb, chicken and pork…and works great in a veggie stir fry too!

      Hope you’ll like it!

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