Yes, I know, it may be a bit provocative…but I just had to take the word play one step further, and to do so I had to cheat with some cheese.
Simple as that.

Don’t worry though…if you can’t, or don’t want to, cheat it surely is a most optional ingredient.
(Not that it matters but….excluding it will of course just give you a regular “meatza” though.) ;)
Anyway, here we go…

Ingredients, Tomato sauce:
• 1 can Crushed Tomatoes.
• 1 tbsp dried Basil.
• 1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
• 1 tbsp Tomato Purée.
• 1 tbsp crushed Black Pepper.
• 1 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar.

Ingredients, Meatza patty:
(Serves 4)

• 2 lb (1 kg) minced 50/50 Pork/Beef.
• 2 cloves of Garlic, minced.
• Salt and Pepper, to taste.

Of course you can add which ever toppings you wish, but for the sake of the recipe I’ll list what I put on it…
• 3 oz (85g) flavorful hard cheese of good quality, grated.
• 3.5 oz (100 g) Bacon.
• Onion, sliced.
• 3-4 Belvedere Broccoli stems or Green Asparaguses, cut in smaller pieces.

How To:
Pre-heat oven to 390F (200C).

Mix all ingredients for the patty in a bowl. Shape it as a huge meatball, and slam it into the bowl a few times to get rid of as many air pockets as possible.
Set aside.

Mix all the ingredients for the tomato sauce in a small pot and let reduce over low heat.
When it has reached your preferred thickness, set aside and let cool off.

Fry the bacon lightly in a hot frying pan. Remove it, set aside, but keep the fat in the hot pan.
Place the meat in the middle of the pan and quickly press it out into a huge patty filling the whole pan.
Fry until it’s got a nice surface, then place a plate upside down over the meat.
Tilt the pan and pour out all liquids from the pan while holding the meat in place with the plate, then tilt it over fully so that the meat is on the plate with the fried side up.
Carefully slide it back into the pan and fry the other side.
When done, place a baking paper on top of the meat, the plate on top of the paper, pour out any additional liquids before flipping it fully over.

Now you should have a huge burger on a baking paper on your plate.
Lift the paper with the meat patty over to an oven tray, spread a desired amount of tomato sauce over it, sprinkle the cheese and put the rest of the toppings on top.
Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes.





6 thoughts on “Cheatza

  1. This gave me the most insane pizza craving! I’ve only made a meatza once before, and I pretty much died and went to heaven. Definitely need to do that again!

    • Thanks Russ :)
      To be honest, this was the first time I ever made one too…
      I hade one for lunch at Palæo in Copenhagen this summer (, and have been planning to make it ever since.
      I really liked their concept of serving it as a pre-fried burger/patty with toppings, rather then as an ordinary pizza where the dough is replaced with meat…(I always find the meat looking grey and boiled in the “regular” meatzas, and not that appetizing (although I’m sure they tastes good).
      Anyway, I didn’t feel like making a whole bunch of patties, so I thought why not just make one huge?…so I did (and it turned out good).
      The toppings was pretty much what I had available at home…

      Looking forward to see a Domestic Man meatza some day! ;)
      (Fully convinced it will be magic as always!) :)

      Take care // P

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