Lingonberry Jam

In my mind, when it comes to food, not many things says Swedishness quite as much as lingonberry jam (except for maybe the meatballs it’s being served to…).

Lingonberry jam goes great with traditional minced meat dishes such as meatballs, meatloaf, cabbage pudding etc., and if you like liver you can definitely serve lingonberry jam to go with it.

Just as the recently posted applesauce, also this brilliant few-ingredient recipe originate from my new friends at Under Vårt Tak.
The only tweak I’ve made is to add an optional tablespoon of honey (and the reason I did that is because the apples I had available were way more tart than sweet).

Here’s the recipe:

(Serves 6-8)

• 8oz (225g) Lingonberries, fresh or frozen unsweetened.
• 1/2 sweet Apple.
• 1 tbsp Honey (optional).
• 3 tbsp Water.

How To:
Peel, de-core and cut the apple into small pieces.

Put the apple pieces in a pot, add the water and bring to a boil.

Let boil until the apple pieces are soft, then mash them using a fork.

Add the lingonberries and stir, then let slowly boil until preferred thickness (should take some 10-15 minutes).

If too tarty, add a bit of honey to taste.
(Note: the goal here is NOT to make a sugary sweet replica of a store bought jam! It’s just to balance and take the edge of the tartness.)

Let cool before putting it in the fridge to serve cold.

You can find the original recipe (in Swedish) here.



6 thoughts on “Lingonberry Jam

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    • Hi Jaquelyn!
      good question, I guess it depends on where your location is. Here in Sweden you can buy frozen organic lingonberries in just about every larger grocery store.
      Assuming you are from US(?), I’ve seen web shops delivering frozen lingonberries to the door within US.
      Here’s an example, but the quantity is quite large…maybe you can find other shops delivering in smaller batches:

      Good luck! :)

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