Happy Birthday, Strictly Paleo…ish!

Today, 1 year ago, I posted the first post on Strictly Paleo…ish! (an Indian inspired chicken stew, served with cauliflower rice).
It has been an AMAZING journey and experience since.

How do I summarize it?
Well, I think I’ll just take a little dive into the blog statistics and share my findings with you along with a short comment, and then finish off with some personal highlights of mine…sounds good?

OK then, here we go:

Total views so far: 79.918
(…100.000 would have been awesome, 80.000 possible, but 79.918 is unbelievable for me!) :)

198 followers of the blog.
(An even 200 would have been cool, but 198 of You wanting to be notified when I have posted something new is overwhelming!) :)

• I’ve had visits from 130(!) countries over the past year.
(This is completely mind blowing for me. Completely.)

• There is currently 328 comments on the blog (including my responses).
(I would LOVE to see an increased interaction over the coming year!) :)

• The top three searches that has ended up on strictlypaleoish.com is by far (in different variations):
-“Sweet Potato Pasta”
-“Cauliflower Rice”
-“Bunless Burgers”
(Note to self: …more of these type of dishes next year!)

• The Top 5 most popular posts (based on views) are:
1. Spicy Fried Cauliflower Rice
2. Cauliflower Tabbouleh
3. Honey/Garlic/Rosemary Glazed Chicken Breasts
4. Lemon/Garlic/Herb Pork Chops
5. Moroccan Inspired Lamb Skewers
(Which I think is very interesting, because…)

• …my own Top 5 recipes are:
1. Strawberry/Fennel Salad With Hot-Smoked Salmon
2. Ribbensteg
3. Kålpudding (“Cabbage Pudding”)
4. Tjälknöl
5. Ground Game Goulash
(I really think you should try these out if you haven’t already!) ;)

That’s about all stats I have to share for now…it will be fun to compare them with the new stats a year from now!
But, I also said I should share some of my highlights from the past year…:

• The strongest one happened in January this year, and I still have a hard time to believe it as it has been somewhat of a secret dream of mine since I started the blog…
I was featured in the Recipe Corner of Mark Sisson’s Weekend Link Love on Jan 6!
….not once, but twice, as another recipe of mine was mentioned and linked to again on Jan 20.
(…there must have been a serious drought of Paleo/Primal friendly recipes in January!?

• I was featured with a recipe in the Fast Paleo Top 100 ebook.
(An ebook containing the Top 100 most popular recipes during 2012 on the awesome Paleo/Primal recipe sharing site Fast Paleo (where I also managed to squeeze in a few “Recipe of the Day”‘s!))

• I’ve been offered to write my first guest post ever! This is really exciting, but as it’s not published yet I don’t want to say too much about it.
But…keep your eyes open around the end of July! ;)

Last, but surely not least, I want to thank You for all the love and support You have given me over the past year!
It’s quite overwhelming and I’m nothing but grateful that I get to share my stuff with you.

Take care!
// Peter


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