Daikon Rice With Carrot And Thyme


Today’s recipe is another experiment.
I wanted to have something rice…ish to the dish I tried out, but didn’t have any cauliflower at home. However, I did have daikon radishes and thought they would make an interesting “rice” experiment…
Not a bad alternative to cauliflower rice at all it turns out, and if you’re low-carbin’ daikon is a great thing to have around…

This recipe is quick and simple, so I won’t bore you with an unnecessarily long post in comparison. As a matter of fact, let’s just move on to the recipe right away:

(Serves 2-4)

• 1 Daikon radish.
• 1 Carrot.
• 2 Cloves of Garlic, minced.
• 1/2 tbsp fresh Thyme, chopped.
• 2 tbsp Coconut Oil.
• Sea Salt and crushed Black Pepper, to taste.

How To:
Peel and roughly cut the daikon and carrots into chunks.

Run them in a food processor until “riced”.

Heat up the coconut oil in a frying pan, and add the riced daikon and carrot along with the minced garlic.

Fry until softened but not mushy, then blend in the thyme.

Add salt and pepper to taste, then serve.

I served this with quickly grilled asparagus and Slim Palate’sCrispy Skin Salmon“, and it was a great meal!



8 thoughts on “Daikon Rice With Carrot And Thyme

  1. I really do have to try this, especially since I try to avoid cauliflower too often. I have a question though: how large was your daikon. I’ve only ever seen HUGE ones in the store and I’m curious how much I really need to buy / use!

    • Hi Rach!

      Compared to the huge ones I’ve seen around here, I would say the one I used was a little bit larger than medium sized.
      However, this is absolutely not a definite recipe.
      I suggest you start with “ricing” a Daikon to see how much “rice” it’ll result in.
      Then from there estimate how much of the other ingredients you would like to add to your own preferences (ie consider the rest of the ingredients being seasoning and a little bit of color)..
      (For one huge daikon I would guess something like 2 medium sized carrots and 3 cloves of garlic would be a good start…don’t think you have to p the thyme very much.)

      May I ask why you try to avoid cauliflower?
      (From what I understand daikon can cause gases for some, so if that is what you are trying to get away from I also suggest you starting with a small serving just in case…)

      I hope it’ll be a good experience! :)

      Take care // Peter

      • Woah, holy awesome detailed reply Batman!

        I think I’ll just bite the, uh, radish bullet and see what happens! From what I’ve seen here, 1 daikon would be a LOT of “rice”, but I shall consider that a bonus for experimenting :)

        On the avoiding cauliflower thing, I’m experimenting with avoiding vegetables that are goitrogenic – things that affect / limit thyroid function. I have Hashimoto’s disease and I’m trying to see if tweaking my diet to avoid the Brassica family of vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale-type things) will help. Is it wrong that I’m hoping it doesn’t help? I freaking LOVE broccoli!

        • Haha, yeah…I tend to word-poop a lot when writing ;)

          Oh, I see…really hope daikon rice works out for you then! :)
          (Though I did a quick googling, and it seems as radishes contains small amounts of Goitrogens too…might also be the case for daikon? On the other hand strawberries and sweet potatoes were on the small-amounts-list too, so probably not worse than that.)

          Sounds like a plan! Split the daikon rice into a few batches and experiment with seasoning :)
          Haven’t tried this seasoning with daikon, but it’s awesome with cauliflower rice so I can see why it shouldn’t work also with daikon:

          Let me know how it turns out! :)

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  3. My lands!!!….Your fertile brain strikes another culinary “hit”….So impressed with this particular one….Question…Could I possibly leave the black peel on?!…Is it edible?…I would think it would make this even prettier with the dark flecking to “pop out” at you whilst noshing! Thoughts?…And perhaps a few pink peppercorns thrown on for even more flavor/texture/color….I obviously am experiencing WAY too much in the free time department today!…

    • Hi Donna!

      Thank you, I love your enthusiasm! :D

      I’m sorry, but I don’t don’t really get the “black peel” part?
      …there’s no ingredient that has black peel (or has varieties that come that way, as far as I know).
      (Except for the black pepper of course, but I don’t think that’s what you mean…)

      Red pepper corns? -Go for it!!
      (I love them, and think they go great with just about anything and everything…from pears and dark chocolate to hearty stews.) :)

      You could also throw chili flakes in there for both looks and kick.
      I did it in this cauliflower rice, which btw is my absolute favorite veggie “rice”:

      Please get back to me on the black skin question, so we can sort that one out :)

      // Peter

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