Apple Maple Espresso Glaze


Felt like experimenting again today, and it ended up in this post…
I’m quite happy with the result, which is a glaze with deep flavors, a definite sweetness and a slight, sneaky, heat.
– No doubt I’ll be making it again!

I’ve only tried this glaze on beef so far, but I’m absolutely sure it will go just as good on pork and chicken!

It’s quick and simple to prepare, and here’s what you need and what to do:


• 1 cup (2.5dl) Apple Sauce.
• 1/2 cup (1dl) Espresso, (brewed).
• 3 tbsp Maple Syrup.
• 1 tsp crushed Black Pepper.
• 1 tsp Cocoa Powder.
• 1/4 tsp Chipotle Powder.

How To:

Put all ingredients in a small pot.

Bring to a boil while stirring.

Set aside and let cool.

That’s it!


I grilled and glazed some beef flank steak, that I served with a simple salad and horseradish mayo (mix about a cup (2.5 dl) mayo (unflavored) with 2 tablespoons minced horseradish…- Bonus recipe! ;) )
…it was a great meal!

That’s all I had for now, see you soon!


7 thoughts on “Apple Maple Espresso Glaze

  1. AAAHHHH….mazin’ sauce….Running to the butcher for some flank …now.

    Thank you from across the pond in France. Simply succulent sauce.

    • Hi Donna!

      Happy you liked the recipe, I think it’s going to be great with flank steak! :)
      Hope you’ll enjoy it!

      Btw… Did you have any luck finding hot-smoked salmon back in April?

      All the best

      • YEP!!….I found it in a fantastic specialty épicèrie here in Lyon called “Saumon & Cie”….and proceeded directly to concocting your equally fantastic recipe. My husband was in heaven…and having all of this “gushing” coming from such a discerning “bec-fin” …I was really thrilled.

        You have THE most creative, yet easily executed recipes…and everything we have tried from your limitless culinary brain has been gustatory perfection (at least where we are concerned!)

        Much admiration and thanks…and please, please publish many, many books in the future so that we may run, not walk to purchase…use and abuse them and the treasures they contain!

        • Oh…wow…I’m speechless.
          From the bottom of my heart, thank you SO much for those words Donna!
          The best comment ever, and gives me so much inspiration to keep going! :)

          Would love to hear your thoughts whenever you try something out (good or bad), I learn a lot from the comments I get on my recipes!

          Take care, and again: THANK YOU! :)


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