Whole30 Summary: Week 1


So…today is day 7 of my first Whole30. 25% done. 3 weeks to go.
Since I’m not posting any new recipes during this period, I’m instead trying to briefly summarize my experience after each week.
Ok then…week 1, here we go:

Surprisingly, it has been nowhere near as hard as I had thought it would be.
No headaches, no kill-all-the-things days (not even moments….well, my family might have a different opinion, but if you ask me: naah), no cravings, and I’ve slept like a baby without the common weird food dreams (which is a bit of a bummer really…).

However, I have been pretty tired mentally…I’ve been waking up with lots of energy every day, but day 1-4 it lasted until about 10-11 AM, and after that I got sleepier and sleepier as the day went by.
(Now I don’t know if that was only due to the Whole30, or if it was because day 1 also was the first day back at work after a 6 week long vacation.
…or if my decision to also exclude coffee during my Whole30 was the cause.
Likely a combination of all three.)

Day 3 I started to feel more…”alive”. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it felt like I had more “bounce” in my steps, and moved with more ease. I also thought I looked a bit more alive when looking in the mirror…could have been a slight change in skin tone, or just placebo from feeling more alive.
(And I don’t really care why…either way it feels great!)

I have never been loosing-my-mind starving hungry, but felt kinda excited when the clock has been closing up on meal time…happy to soon get nourished guess. :)

What’s been hardest is to not do the unconscious habits, like not picking the leftover pieces of protein from the kids plates.
(It’s just me in the family who is on the program, which means we sometimes eat different food, which means their protein is sometimes fried in butter (which I normally am totally fine with).
To stop that hand that stretches out for those last pieces by muscle memory is not easy…
So far nothing has reached the mouth though :)

I’ve been thinking a bit about why I don’t experience much of the usual initial unpleasant symptoms.
Am I doing something wrong? (Nope….checked and re-checked.)
The only reasons I can think of are that we’re all different, and that I was eating pretty clean before I started my whole30 (so it’s really more of habitual changes rather than dietary changes).

When it comes to my meals I have avoided thinking in terms of recipes and dishes, and instead focused on having good sources of food available at home and just thrown something together with what I felt like eating right there and then.
(Today, on Day 7, is actually the first time I’m considering myself really cooking something!)
Meal 3 leftovers have been Meal 2 for the next day, and for Meal 1 I’ve pretty much just put a little bit of many different things on plate.
Super simple, quick and convenient, and quite liberating actually.
(The thing is that, with good quality food sources, pretty much everything becomes tasty, even with very little hands-on…)

If you’re interested in seeing samples of what my meals have been like this week, here are some:

Beef fried in clarified butter.
Romaine lettuce with olives, avocado, balsamic vinegar and EVOO.
Small cucumber with cabbage/carrot sauerkraut.
Simple. Tasty.

5-egg scramble with shrimps, romaine lettuce and chili flakes.
Olives, cucumber and cherry tomatoes.
Simple. Tasty.

Chicken breasts dry-coated in generous amounts of spices (chipotle, oregano, onion, garlic, black pepper etc.), cooked in the oven with asparagus and red bell pepper.
Leafy greens with EVOO to that.
Simple. Tasty.

A typical Meal 1 plate.
Eggs, some kind of protein, veggies, a bit of fruit.
Tea and homemade kombucha to that.
Simple. Tasty.

The one thing I feel I have not done good enough this week is the exercise. My goal for next week will be to change that.

Maybe you are thinking about doing a Whole30 too?
Maybe you just finished one?
Please leave comments and thoughts, it’s inspiration for me! :)

See you in a week!


11 thoughts on “Whole30 Summary: Week 1

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  2. I am inspired beyond words…which is better…because it means ACTION instead!…Bless your culinary soul for sharing your concoctions for getting me started….I love spice and meat marriages…and the simplicity of “throwing what one has” into play…made PRETTY…is all the more stimulating.

    Congrats…and I will be tagging along…albeit with one week of delay…on your Whole 30 experience. Superlative post as per usual.

    • Thank you once again for taking the time to share the wonderful and kind words you do Donna!
      It makes so happy to hear I can inspire to a healthier living, and I congratulate you on your decision to hop on the Whole30 train…I’m sure it’ll be an awesome ride! ;)

      About the food…keeping it simple really is the key. Then what that means differ from person to person…for me it worked really well with the approach I wrote about above so I can’t do anything but recommend trying it out if you think it’ll suit you too.
      This week I’m doing the same, but also brought out the slow-cooker on two occasion to make huge batches so that I can put the leftovers in the freezer and thereby making it impossible to not have anything to eat even if/when I run out of inspiration or time is short.
      (Still not planning much in advance though, just stretching it to “tomorrow morning I’ll start a crockpot” and then thought about what I want to put in it during the day and prepped for it during the evening (thaw meat, peal and cut veggies, put spices and whatever on the countertop so that I can just throw it all in, press the button, and then go to work the next morning.)

      Good luck on your Whole30 Donna, please let me know how it’s going!
      (or if you have any questions you think I can help out with)!
      I’m sure you’ll nail it ;)

      Take care // Peter

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  4. Hi, We’ve been chatting on the W30 forum this past month, and now, after being done, I’m checking out your blog from your posts there. Really, really nice!! Great photos, gives me many ideas of what foods to keep on hand, what to cook and what to throw together. Sounds like we have many similarities, only one in the family doing this, already fairly clean eating, I’ve been GF for 5.5 years, so maybe most of the bad issues were already handled. Who knows, but I’m glad I followed your link, and am now inspired! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    • Hi Amy! :)
      Really happy to see you here, and thanks for the kind words!
      5.5 years is impressive, can’t wait until I’m there…
      Let me know if there is anything you wonder about when it comes to the recipes, and if you do try something out I would be very happy to know your thoughts :)

      Take care, and congratulations on your completed Whole30!! :)
      (Feels great, doesn’t it?)


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