Whole30 Summary: Week 3


This week I’ve been dodging food temptations like Keanu was dodging bullets in The Matrix!

There has been not one, but two, family birthdays (my girlfriend’s and mother’s), my employer celebrated 70 years as a company, and there has been a local festival thingy going on all weekend.
I would be lying if I said I haven’t been tempted, but I navigated quite smoothly through it all I must say. I gave an heads up well in advance that I would be preparing my own food for the birthday celebrations, took a piece of cake at work to avoid the questions…but then gave it to my colleague (who of course didn’t mind the extra piece), and for the festival….well I just decided to not let any temptation catch my attention.
(Besides…over my dead body I will restart the program after 20+ days! No way, it just ain’t gonna happen!…and I really can’t think of a single thing that is THAT good it would be worth it.)

I’ve been feeling quite good in general this week, not tiger-blood-good, but….good.
I still sleep like a baby, and there’s no food boredom in sight yet.
I’ve had a couple of days where I didn’t feel like cooking, but frozen leftovers from a few crock-pot dishes made that a non problem.

Speaking of food, here’s some of what I’ve been eating this week:

Minced beef/sweet potato gratin with veggies.

Roasted chicken…

…which leftovers made an awesome spicy coconut/curry chicken soup.

Smoked salmon salad with eggs, olives, almonds, EVOO, and horseradish.
Recipe here.

Not much more to say really, so that’ll be it for this week…



9 thoughts on “Whole30 Summary: Week 3

  1. Congrats!!!….Your concocted dishes show NO SIGNS of deprivation!!!…Must have that smoked salmon salad recipe…with horseradish…sounds truly amazing!

    • Thanks Donna!
      Oh. Of course. :D
      …not much of a recipe though, more like an assembly really but I’ll put it on the blog later, promise.
      (Let me know if you’re planning to make it any time soon, then I can mail it to you beforehand.)

      Take care // Peter

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    • Hi Alex! :)

      Yes, it’s absolutely going above expectations!
      To me the restrictiveness is a relief, having to make choices all the time would have been much harder.
      (Though…I’m really looking forward to be able to decide whether I am going to eat something nor not just because I want to again, not just based on whether I’m hungry or not. That is probably the hardest restriction of the program for me, but then also the most valuable as I learn a lot about my self at the same time.)

      Have a good one Alex, hope everything is great! :)

      // Peter

  3. Great to read about your Whole30 experience. I’m on Day 3 and am STARVING, had super headaches but on the plus side, I’ve slept well and woken quite energised. I didn’t thinki t would be as ‘painful’ given I don’t eat sugar/fructose but I guess eat quite a few other carbs. So perhaps having carb withdrawal headaches. Drinking lots of hot water and lemon juice! Anyway, thanks for the posts and the recipe ideas will help with my planning!

    • Thanks, and congratulations on your decision to do a Whole30 Susan…you’ve got one awesome ride ahead of you! :)
      I never experienced any headaches, so it’s hard to give any good advice on that (besides than if it is withdrawal symptoms (which is highly possible) it’ll pass so just stick to the program and make sure you’re hydrated.)

      Great to hear my recipe ideas are inspiring!
      (There are a few Whole30 compliant recipes under “Recipes > Recipes by compliance > Whole30” in the menue above too…)

      Good luck on your adventure, you’ll see the time flies by after the first few days! :)


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