Whole30 Summary: Week 4


4 weeks done, 2 days to go!

Even though week 3-4 has been much more routine or “autopilot” than week 1-2, I’m now back to feeling just as enthusiastic about the program as I was during the first weeks!

In the beginning the excitement was because I was taking on something new, a journey towards better health and increased knowledge about myself, that I had been wanting to do for quite some time.
However, the excitement I’m experiencing now is not only because I do feel a lot better, healthier and “cleaner” than before (which I really do)….but also because soon, soon I can say: “I did it!”.
I made a decision, a commitment to my self, and stuck to it…and that feels just as great as the benefits from the dietary aspects of the program.
The Whole30 is an experience on so many different levels, and in just three more days I’ll KNOW what it really means to go through it, from start to end…and that knowledge is permanent!
I will be able to use this experience as a tool for the rest of my life, a tool to maintain a healthy balance in my diet and relationship with food.
I will also know how to use the powerful 30-day commitment framework whenever I feel there’s a habit I want to ditch or gain.
If that’s not truly valuable, then I don’t know what is.

I’m really, really, happy I made this journey, and thank you for following me doing it!
Soon it’ll be back to normal around here, with the majority of the posts being recipes ;)

Since I’ve done so in the previous 3 summaries, I’ll also finish this one off with some inspiration for your Whole30 meals. :)
Here’s some of the chow that has been going down during this week:

Beef patties, vegetables and chipotle mayo.

Boneless chicken thighs fried in ghee with parsley and garlic. Simple salad of lettuce, carrot, cucumber and pecans.

Slow-cooked beef chuck, roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes, arugula and cucumber salad.

Poached cod with dill, roasted veggies and horseradish mayo.


3 thoughts on “Whole30 Summary: Week 4

  1. BRAVO….I’m very impressed….by your personal experiences with the Whole 30 AS WELL AS your superlative dinner/meal wizardry…which clearly show no signs of mental or physical deprivation!!!

    That said…of course…I simply MUST have the recipes from this particular week…the poached cod, ghee-fried chicken thighs and slow-roasted beef chuck recipes…with their colorful side veggies ALL look spectacular. Again….féliciations!!!

    • Thank you Donna, your support during my Whole30 has been really encouraging! :D

      I’ll see what I can do about the recipes..the fact is, there are no. I just cooked with what I had available, and didn’t take any notes. :/
      I’m pretty sure I can roughly remember what I did though, so I should be able to write the instructions for them and post them as recipes :)

      Thanks for the request! :D

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