Book Review: "The Paleo Primer"

The Paleo Primer
By Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore


Hey, I’ve got a brand new book review for you!

A while back I received a review copy of a brand new book from Primal Blueprint Publishing, called “The Paleo Primer”.
I’ve been reading it during my recently completed Whole30, but have not posted the review until now since I did not want to post anything in between the weekly Whole30 summaries.

The book clearly claim on the cover to be “a jump-start guide to losing body fat and living primaly”, and I must say it lives up to that statement quite well.
Actually, I think it is a very good book to start with for anyone new to Paleo, or just curious to know more about what it means to live and eat Paleo or Primal (or “fitter foods” as the authors like to call the diet).

Why do I think so?
I think so because it cover pretty much everything you need to know to get your Primal life started, and why it is a good idea to do so…but does not overwhelm the reader with details.
They’ve managed to boil the information chapers down to only 50 pages(!), which makes it all really easy to digest (and they even summarize those 50 pages into a one-page “conclusions & takeaways”!!). To make the information part even easier to take in, there are illustrations visualizing some topics in a quite funny way.
The other 150 pages are mostly recipes, so once you’ve absorbed the knowlege you can hop right on to practicing it.

The recipes are categorized in different types of dishes (eg. “Breakfast”, “Comfort Food”, “Meals In Minutes” etc.), rather than by main ingredients (eg. “Seafood”, “Beef”, “Vegetables” etc.)…I think this approach fit the book well.
The recipes themselves is definately a collection that is really good to have around, and provide a great mix between Paleo “classics” and new ones (at least to me).
I will definitely cook and get inspiration from the recipes in this book many, many times.

After the recipes the book ends with a few pages on sourcing tips, online resources, indexes etc.

So, after all the good stuff….is there anything i don’t like??
Well…the layout of the book is kind of “cluttered notebook”, which I think works great for the information section. However, for the recipes I think it makes it a bit…messy.
Another thing I have a bit of a problem with is that every single picture for the recipes are close-up’s. As I flip through the pages looking at the pictures for inspiration they after a while get a bit too much in-my-face…I would have loved to have a bit more distance to the food in the pictures, and also a bit more surrounding included.
(Good thing though that those “issues” are purely esthetic ones, the content of the book is solid!)

Final Words:
This book really is a Paleo Primer.
It will prepare you and make you ready to take on a Primal lifestyle in no time, and it will also educate you enough to make it easier to take on other books that are more complex in the details.
(If you’re not new to Paleo it’ll still provide you with a nice set of new recipes, plus the information section will be great to have as reference when you need to refresh your memory quickly.
I know at least I will come back to page 32, 56, 57 and 59 more than once…


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