Why, And What, I Buy From iHerb


You’ve probably seen that I on a few occasions said I consider iHerb being a great resource when shopping for items that fit a primal lifestyle?
I thought it’s about time I share some examples of products I buy from there myself (or that are on my wish list)…

First though, I want you to know that this post contain affiliate links. That basically means that I will receive a small credit for any first-time-customer purchases made through those links, or using my discount code. Any credits earned, I use to pay parts of my own orders.
I also want you to know that I’ve paid to have advertising that I can’t control removed from this blog, so that only products or companies that I believe in, can stand for, and use myself will be associated.

About the first time customer discount:
If you’re not already an iHerb customer, and decide to place your first order with them, I strongly suggest you use my first time customer discount code – GBR204.
You have absolutely nothing to loose to do so, but quite some to win…
Using my code on your first iHerb purchase will give you $5 off if the order value is less than $40, and $10 off if the order value is $40 or more!
Also, making your first order will generate a code of your own that you can choose to share if you want, to earn credits for future orders yourself(!)…

Why I think iHerb is a great resource:
To summarize it: availability and price.

  • They have great prices! Period.
  • They offer a huge selection of products!
  • Domestic US orders over $20 have free 1-3 day delivery, and $0 tax!
  • They offer both economy and expedited next day delivery on domestic US orders for more than reasonable prices!
  • They deliver to more than 150 countries!
  • They have amazing international shipping costs, with many different options!
  • You can easily check the shipping cost to your country from the shopping cart!

(NOTE: During the month of October, iHerb offer FREE international shipping by DHL Global Priority Mail for orders of more than $40!)

Examples of what I buy from iHerb (or have on my wish list):

Coconut Aminos ($6.13)
A great gluten- and soy-free substitute for traditional soy sauce!
I’ve used it in my Teriyaki Sauce recipe.
iHerb is the only provider of Coconut Aminos I’ve found, that deliver it to Sweden for a reasonable cost (which is the very reason I placed my first iHerb order)!

Coconut Sugar ($4.99)
I used this in my Coconut Crème Brûlée recipe.
(At my local health store I pay about $15 for an equivalent bag(!)…)

Organic Spices (Prices vary)
Can’t get too much spices….just can’t.

Jarrow Coconut Oil ($19.95)
I love this cocounut oil!
(However…there are plenty more brands available, so if have another favorite chances are good you’ll find it for a great price!)
In Sweden it’s not uncommon to pay almost twice as much for a jar that is half the size!

Tea (Prices vary)
They have lot’s of organic tea, both types and brands (eg, Numi, Yogi, St. Dalfour etc.)…
(My own favourite types are Hojicha, Pu-Erh and Rooibos.)

Raw Rev 100’s Chocolate Coconut Bliss Bars ($12.80)
Usually I’m not much for bars (only because I like them too much).
…however, I find this box of 20 mini bars (0.8oz/22g each) to be nice to have around for the occasional coffee break treat.

Ume Plum Vinegar ($3.97)
I have not tried this one yet, but I’m very curious about it…
…anyone have any experience with it?

Above products are just examples of items i have, or will, purchased for inspiration. There are many, many more interesting products at available…and not just groceries, but also bath and beauty items, supplements (eg. omega3, Vitamin D3, Magnesium etc) kids and baby products etc.

If you’re new to iHerb, please check out the first time customer offer in the beginning of this post again. If you’re already an iHerb customer I would love to hear what your favorite products are! :)

Note: All images in this post are from www.iherb.com.


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