Sesame Cucumber Salad

Today’s recipe is a really quick and easy one, that goes great as a side dish…or why not as a snack?
Maybe it’s even better described as inspiration, rather than a “real” recipe, but nevertheless…sesame and cucumber is a pretty awesome combination of flavors!

I lightly toast the sesame seeds in this recipe which intensifies the flavor, but is also likely to cause oxidation of its fats to some degree…so if that is a concern for you just add the sesame seeds un-toasted.
Personally, I’m not too worried about an occasional small amount serving of toasted sesame seeds…but that’s up to each and everyone to decide for themselves.

Not much more to say really, here’s what to do:

(Serves 4, as a side dish.)

• 2 Cucumbers.
• 3 tbsp Sesame Seeds.
• Chili flakes, to taste.
• Crushed Black/Rose Pepper, to taste.

How To:
Start by lightly toasting the sesame seeds in a dry frying pan.

Cut the cucmber into bite-size pieces, and put them in a bowl.

Add the sesame seeds and toss.

Sprinkle crushed pepper and chili flakes on top.



7 thoughts on “Sesame Cucumber Salad

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