Chocolate Covered Apple Glögg Gummies

Wanted to try out the grass fed gelatin I recently bought a bit more, so I made a little Christmas treat…

I used the ratios and method from Meatified’s Hibiscus Homemade Gummies to make my gummies, but instead of tea (which I think is genius, and will definitely be tried some other time!) I used some Apple Glögg to get a little bit of Christmas flavor, and then I coated them in dark (86%) chocolate.

I think they turned out great, but remember they are to be considered a treat as they contain both apple juice and chocolate.
(On the other hand, it’s not the type of treats you stuff your face with so it shouldn’t be hard to keep it on a reasonable level…)

Here’s what I did:

(Makes about 25-30 pieces.)

• 1.25 + 0.5 cup (3 + 1.25 dl) Apple Glögg.
• 6 tbsp Great Lakes Kosher Beef Gelatin.
• 3.5 oz (100g) Dark Chocolate of good quality.

How To:
While heating up the 1.25 cup (3 dl) apple glögg in a sauce pan, stir the gelatin little by little into the other 0.5 cup (1.25 dl) in a separate bowl until you have a paste.

When the apple glögg in the sauce pan is hot, add the gelatin paste and whisk until it’s completely dissolved.

Transfer the liquid into a (heat proof) jug and carefully pour it into molds of choice.
(You can also pour it all into a Pyrex style oven tray that takes both heat and cold well.)

Place the molds/tray in the fridge for at least one hour, until set.

Remove the gummies from the molds, or cut into bite size pieces and remove from the tray.

Put the gummies in a bowl and place it in the freezer.

Make a water bath by placing a bowl over a sauce pan of simmering water.

Break the chocolate into pieces and put them in the bowl.

Let the chocolate melt while stirring occasionally.

Take out the gummies from the freezer, and drop them one by one into the chocolate, then transfer them to a plate using a fork.
(The reason for putting the gummies in the freezer first is to quickly cool the chocolate coating so that it hardens before it runs off…)

Store the chocolate covered gummies in the fridge.


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Covered Apple Glögg Gummies

    • Thanks Rach! (For both the comment and the inspiration!)

      Even though they’re not sticky or marmalade-ish in the texture, I do agree they somehow remind of them.
      (And the chocolate makes a great contrast in both texture and flavor!)

      Hope you’re having a kick-ass day! :)
      // P

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