New year, new blog


It has been a while?
Well…despite the silence, I have been working. A lot.
Here is a short list of what has been going on around here lately:

  1. The entire blog has got a major face lift, a brand new design!
  2. I moved the blog to a self hosted solution, which will give me more freedom to adjust it as I wish.
  3. I have improved the layout for all recipes. They are much more user friendly now, with increased readability and better overview, and you can choose to print just the recipe if you like (with or without the related picture).
  4. The recipe category pages have got a complete makeover. Instead of showing the tag archives with a long list of post excerpts spread over multiple pages they are now showing a proper index in alphabetical order of all recipes matching the chosen category, displayed with a picture, title and short summary or description.
  5. The URL structure is made more user friendly, no more weird codes based on dates and other numbers.

What else will change is that, from now on, I will not post on a weekly basis any longer. The reason for this decision is that I have sometimes felt like it was more important to make the weekly post than the actual content of it, and I never meant for it to be that way.
The pace will probably be slower, but hopefully the content will be better. For me it means reduced stress, which is always something to strive for.
It will also give me more time to pay attention to, and work with, the site itself. I do enjoy poking around with the technology that make the platform for this blog, to improve the overall experience, and try to make it more than just the recipes.

I really hope you will like the “new” site, and would love it if you dropped a line in the comments section below to let me know what you think!


// Peter




6 thoughts on “New year, new blog

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  2. Peter–you did a great job with the new look! I especially like the logo and have always loved the name you chose for it. I am also very excited about the printable recipes–you have some incredible meals on here.
    I finally published my whole30 blog today, and even though it’s not perfect and I didn’t make it all 30 days, I’m publishing it anyway because I just know it will help someone. (Maybe it will even encourage someone to beat me!) ;)
    Glad you are well and happy 2014!

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