Flygande Jacob ("Flying Jacob")


Sorry for the lack of new recipes lately…there has been a lot on the agenda, and honestly, after migrating all recipes to the new format I was pretty fed up with writing recipes for a while.
Anyhow, I am back with a new recipe for you now, and it feels great!

Right now you are probably thinking what the heck is a “Flygande Jacob”?!
I know…it is a really weird name for a dish but it will all make more sense in a little bit, stay with me. (Truth be told…I think the dish itself is kind of weird too, but it actually works!)

“Flying Jacob” is a classic Swedish chicken casserole invented by a man named Ove Jacobsson, and it spread nation wide after being published in a food magazine (“Allt Om Mat”) back in 1976.
The dish had its glory days during the 1980’s, but still today there are actually lunch restaurants having Flygande Jacob on their menus every now and then(!).
So why the odd name? Well, you see…Ove Jacobsson worked in the air freight industry. It is just as simple as that, he was a “flying Jacob”.

Originally this dish contain cream, peanuts and chili sauce…no worries, I have tweaked it a bit to be Paleo friendly.
It’s also usually served with white rice, so if you are OK with that then go for a little bit of rice. Personally I serve it to cauliflower rice and it works just as good.

Another fun side note is that I am fairly sure the majority of the Swedish Paleo recipe blogs have a version of this dish! (No wonder though…chicken, bacon, bananas, nuts, coconut milk…it is a perfect fit for Paleo blogs, don’t you think?)
I love how Paleo and “real food” is getting more and more popular over here, and there are lots of great recipes and initiatives showing up!!

Here is how to make “Flying Jacob” Paleo style (and if you think it is a strange combination of ingredients, do not let that scare you…as I said in the beginning of the post, it really works!)

[gmc_recipe 5557]



4 thoughts on “Flygande Jacob ("Flying Jacob")

    • Hi Sam!
      I used one can that was 2 cups (16 fl oz), then of course some of it that you don’t whip get discarded.
      You could double the ingredients for the sauce if you want it even creamier.

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