Licorice-Raspberry Pannacotta


The last time I made Pannacotta it was to try out the grass fed gelatin (Great Lakes brand grass fed beef gelatin from iHerb) I had finally been able to purchase. This time it was to try out another product I just bought: raw licorice powder!

I have previously written about raw licorice, but here is a short recap:
• It is a completely natural product made from licorice roots.
• It is naturally sweet (due to the content of Glycyrrhizin, a substance 30-50 times sweeter than sugar.)
• It has health beneficial properties…
• …but may also increase blood pressure when eaten in excess.

I’ve had raw licorice many times before (for example I keep a box of small raw licorice drops at my desk at work for an occasional afternoon treat), but I have never used it for cooking until now.
I decided to combine the licorice flavor with raspberry to add freshness, and sweetened it with a little bit of honey.
(But remember, raw licorice is naturally sweet so adding more sweetness is highly optional!)
Then I layered it in three layers because I thought it would look nice, but you could of course go with only two layers if you want to save time.

If you’re a fan of raw licorice, this is without a doubt a dessert out of the ordinary! If you do not like licorice, well, obviously this will probably not be your favorite.
Personally I absolutely liked it (even if I do think certain traditional dishes and recipes are best left in their original composition, and that it’s almost a sin to play with the flavors like this (but…it’s so much fun!)).

Curious on what this dessert taste like? Here is how to make it:

[gmc_recipe 5649]



I appreciate your questions, thoughts and comments:

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