Simple Pork Stew


Today’s recipe is what happened when I was cleaning out the fridge and cabinets the other day.
The result was a delicious and hearty Italian inspired pork stew with lots of flavor, and the best part: it’s super simple to make!

We’ve been renovating parts of the house lately, which has had some impact on the grocery shopping routines (read “full blown chaos”).
Meal planning has not been prioritized, and when it was closing up on dinner time a few days ago I found myself scratching my head…I had absolutely no idea what to cook!
Truth be told, I’m not very good at planning my meals ahead usually either. I actually prefer to cook with what is available and come up with ideas along the way…given that there’s plenty of ingredients to choose from.
When you realize there’s hardly anything available it’s not as much fun.
Anyway…I started to, slightly stressed out, look through the fridge and cabinets hoping there should be something at all at hand.
…the ingredient list for this recipe was pretty much the complete inventory.
Despite the self-inflicted, yet unfortunate, situation it turned out to be a really delicious dinner that I’ll have no problems making again (and again)!

I also had some kale in the fridge and I was first about to add it to the stew…then I figured I’d rather serve it as a side so I quickly fried it in ghee with garlic, salt and pepper instead…good decision!

Here’s what I did:

[gmc_recipe 5819]


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