Classic Lamb Roast


I’m the only one in my house who like lamb so unfortunately it’s not a common thing on our table…but when Easter came this year, I could not resist to make a classic lamb roast anyway.
It turned out absolutely fantastic and with that much meat, and me being the only one eating it, I ended up eating lamb roast leftovers for breakfast pretty much every day of the Easter holiday…Awesome!

This recipe is for a classic lamb roast. It is seasoned with lots of fresh thyme, rosemary and garlic…seared and then cooked in the oven.
To me a lamb roast is best when it’s well seasoned, juicy, and the core is still a bit pink…and this one fulfilled all of those criterias.

I served it with my Sweet Potato Daikon Gratin and a fresh salad, and I’m absolutely honest when I say it was a ridiculously good meal!

Want to try it out?
Here’s what I did:

[gmc_recipe 6014]




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