Grain Free Loaf Of Bread


This recipe makes a juicy, grain free loaf of bread.
Bake it, slice it, and freeze it…then when those mornings come when you crave a sandwich to your morning coffee, just thaw and enjoy!

The observant reader might recognize this recipe, -It’s the exact same dough as in the Grain Free Burger Buns recipe.
So why do I post it again?
Well…I was wondering if it would be possible to toast this bread, so I figured the best way to find out would be to make a loaf of it, slice it up and throw a few slices in the toaster.
Toasting this bread is not working very good.
It’s simply so juicy you end up burning the edges while the rest of the slice is pretty much still the way it was when you put it the toaster.
Nevertheless, it did work great to bake a loaf from this dough so I thought I’d post it like that instead. Hope you don’t mind.


[gmc_recipe 6048]



12 thoughts on “Grain Free Loaf Of Bread

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  2. Do you know if psyllium seed powder will work just as well? If so, do you think the measurements are the same? Thanks, I look forward to trying this soon! Looks amazing!

    • Thanks Jeff!

      Unfortunately I have no experience with psyllium seed powder, so I can’t say if it has the same characteristics as the husk.
      The husk binds a lot of liquid, but I don’t know if that also applies for the seeds.
      I’m guessing not, but that’s purely a guess.


    • Actually just saw you answer this question on the burger bun post. I’ll let you know how it comes out with the seed powder (which I think is paleo, as compared to the husk).

      • I agree I don’t think the husk is Paleo per definition (but (to me) a decent compromise for the occasional slice of gluten free bread).

        Keeping my fingers crossed it’ll come out great with the ground seeds too, and I’m looking forward to hear about it! :)

        Have a great day Jeff!

  3. Three more questions before I make it Peter. I don’t have a hand mixer, can I just whip the egg whites with a whisk or a fork? Also, can I use the whole eggs, yolks included? And finally, does the water have to be boiling? I’m afraid it will cook the eggs as I add it. Thanks.

    • Well, my bread didn’t come out great. I varied slightly from your recipe, so that could be the reason. Instead of baking powder, I used baking soda/lemon juice. I didn’t have a hand mixer, I used a fork. And I used psyllium seed powder instead of psyllium husk powder. Otherwise I followed your recipe and cooking instructions. My top separated from the body of the loaf as it rose, and caused for a huge bubble of air under the crust. The color was deep brown inside and out, looking nothing like your photo. But the biggest problem was that after 50 minutes of baking, the inside was still wet and undercooked. I had to put it back into the oven twice. I guess I have to play with the recipe a little, because I like to take the -ish out of paleo. Lol. Anyway, thanks again for the recipe!

      • Hi Jeff!
        Sorry for the late response, I’ve been away with the family over the weekend.
        I’ve never done the bread with baking soda and something acidic, but with the right ratios that should work just as fine as baking powder.
        Given how thick and sticky the dough gets, I’m guessing it would be hard to mix it well(?)…plus, since the baking powder/soda reacts as soon as it comes in contact with liquid you want to keep the time from that point to when it’s in the oven as short as possible.
        I’m guessing the reason for the main part of the loaf still being wet after 50 minutes is that the psyllium seed powder probably doesn’t absorb water the way the husk does.
        Maybe try decreasing the amount of water would be a good idea for the experimentation.

        I totally respect your aim to keep it strict, and please do keep me updated on the progress of the experimentation with the recipe! :)

        Thanks for sharing // Peter

  4. I have made your bun recipe many time with great success. I was excited to try this and I followed the recipe exactly. My bread looked fabulous coming out of the oven, however it deflated, looks like flatbread, after 15 mins or so. Any ideas on what I might have done wrong? Thanks.

    • Hi Annette!
      The oblygt thing I can say is that I don’t think you have done anything wrong at all… One reader reported the exact same thing on the bun recipe, and after going through it step by step together, it was clear that she did exactly as I make them. It has never happened to me (yet, knock on wood) so I really can’t think of anything being a probable cause, especially since you’ve succeeded with the buns.
      I’m sorry I don’t have an answer, or even a guess… :(

      Best Regards //Peter

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