I had never had kimchi until a few weeks ago.
I discovered a jar sitting on the shelf at the supermarket and had to try it…one bite later I was hooked!
I loved the soft crunchy texture, the perfect mix of salt and sour, the spicy kick and the fantastic flavors…
…and getting a healthy dose of probiotics to go along with that, that definitely makes kimchi a real winner!

After that first experience I knew I just had to make my own, and I’m glad I did!
First of all, I have control over what goes in it. I don’t have to rely on store availability of them little jars since all ingredients are commonly available everywhere and it also makes the addiction (sorry, -the consumption) much, much cheaper…the huge batch I made probably did not cost more than that first little jar I bought.
And while it does require a bit of patience, it’s actually really easy to make!

Kimchi is a traditional Korean fermented cabbage side dish that serves as the country’s national dish.
And that for a good reason…here’s how to make your own and you’ll know why:


[gmc_recipe 6077]



3 thoughts on “Kimchi

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  2. Hello Peter,

    lovely as always. I am very happy that you enjoy this Korean superfood.

    I was doing it bit differently, but frankly, your recipe brought me to re-think it for next time. I was giving coconut sugar (around 1 tbsp for this amount) as ‘fuel’ for the probiotics and I am quite sure they will eat it out all before the fermentation process is finished. I was quite aware that Nashi pear is usually used in plenty of variations of this national dish. So next time, I will use pear as the ‘fuel’ and it will be more Whole30 complaint than my version.

    Firstly I was bit affraid, as my first experience was extremely gingery and quite over-fermented, so had real hard scent of .. well .. we call it, too long time worn socks. Simply disguisting. But when I mad my own, it was so nice, that I don’t even know where has the whole 3 liter batch gone.

    So thank you for making me re-think and try next time bit differently.
    And I will be looking forward to see some fancy recipe here on your site, utilizing kimchi as much as possible. (There are some lovely salads and soups I have tasted with it, apart from the fact it can be used with any kind of food as side).

    Cheers from Czech republic,
    your devoted follower Mirek aka Metla.

    PS: I love the ‘new’ look of your web, this is exactly how I would want to have it as well. Although I will be feeling like I am stealing the concept from you :-)

    • Hi Metla,

      Hope everything is well and fine! :)
      Pear works like a charm, so don’t hesitate to go for it for the next batch.

      Glad to hear I made you hungry for making some kimchi again…I agree, it’s a pretty awesome dish!
      (Oh, and about the smell…I’m pretty sure Linda’s words about mine were something like what you wrote too, haha! I don’t think it was that bad though) ;)

      No worries Metla, you should create your site any way you like!
      (And if I can be some kind of inspiration it’s just a proof that I must be doing something right…) :)

      Take care Mirek, great to hear from you!

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