Blodpudding (Blood Pudding)


I dare you to try this traditional Swedish dish!
Don’t let the name or main ingredient scare you, it’s both nutritious and delicious and I promise it’s nothing like what you are picturing right now.

Traditionally blodpudding is made with pigs blood, stock, rye flour, chopped pigs fat, syrup and spices. I’ve tweaked the recipe to be Paleo friendly and I’m really happy with the result, the flavors are spot on!
In my version I mainly used beef blood, beef stock, butter, nut flours and eggs. I sweetened it with fruit, and seasoned it with traditionally used spices. Sounds fairly nutritious right? Right.
Taste-wise blodpudding kind of resembles that of gingerbread, which isn’t really a surprise when looking at the set of spices used: you got ginger, you got allspice, you got cloves (and then a few other ones).
…Who doesn’t love gingerbread??

Growing up we always had blodpudding with sliced raw cabbage and lingonberry jam, so for me there’s no other way to eat it. However, it is very common to eat it with fried apples and bacon too, so if you can’t get hold of lingonberry jam that’s always an option for you.
(Or try using cranberries instead of lingonberries for this recipe and do it my way…)

So, the next time you go visit your local butcher or farm I really do encourage you to bring back a quart of beef or pigs blood, and give this traditional dish an honest try!

Here’s what to do (it’s really easy too!), then let me know what you think!
Curious? Turned off? Already tried it?…

[gmc_recipe 6149]





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