Review: Paleo Crunch – Swedish, Raw, & 100% Organic Energy Bars

Paleo Crunch

Confession: My number one favorite energy bar come from the same country as I do!
Let me introduce: Paleo Crunch

Ok..I admit…I might be slightly, just slightly, biased. But truth is, Paleo Crunch is a damn tasty bar, made from 100% raw and certified organic ingredients.
(And hey, as a Paleo/Primal bloggin’ Swede it would be close to treason not to review these!)


The original Paleo Crunch come in five fantastic flavors: Raspberry, Pecan, Coconut, Mulberry and Cacao, and the base for them all is made from dates, Brazil nuts, cashews, almonds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and Himalayan salt.
Added to that is the ingredient revealed by each bar’s name (ie main flavor). (The Raspberry flavored bar also has Vanilla added, and the Pecan flavored bar also has Vanilla and and Carob added to the ingredients list.)
Each bar is about 1.6 oz, and the macro’s are ranging between 8-9% Protein, 18-24% Fat, and 43-50% Carbs (depending on flavor).

But there’s more to it…Paleo Crunch recently released a new line of bars, the Paleo Crunch “Recovery Bar”, marketed mainly as a post workout snack.
Of course the Recovery Bars are still made from 100% raw and certified organic ingredients, and (so far) they come in two flavors: Cacao and Strawberry.
Except for strawberries and cacao these bars, compared to the original, contain less dates and more almonds and pumpkin seeds to up the protein content.
The rest of the ingredient list contain cashews, Himalayan salt, agave syrup, cacao butter, vanilla and pea protein.
(I know some of you are thinking “pea protein? In a Paleo bar??” right now…well, I did too. Then I tried thinking what could have been better?…whey? nope (not “by-the-book-wise” anyway), egg white? nope (taste awful imo), dried meat? maybe (but it would have been a whole different product, and would also likely require nitrates etc). I guess it’s simply quite hard to produce a tasty, clean, high quality bar with +20% protein without making a slight deviation from the hardcore Paleo “laws” (and at the end it’s really up to each and everyone of us to decide for our own what’s OK for us and what’s not).
My personal experience is that they taste FAR better than any +20% protein bar I’ve ever had (and they can’t even compete with the ingredient list of these in terms of being clean), and I have not experienced any discomfort whatsoever digesting them.
The Recovery Bars are about 1.7 oz each, with macro’s of 20-21% Protein, 25% Fat, and 35% Carbs.


Personally, I usually don’t eat these bars (or any) for the purpose of getting energy or to help my recovery (even though they do have helped keeping the mood up on long travels a few times)….I eat them mainly as treats.
(Let’s put it like this: I rarely bake Paleo cookies or cakes, but I sure do love an occasional Paleo Crunch to my afternoon coffee! If you do know the concept of “fika” and how sacred it is to Swedes you’ll know what I mean. If not I’ll explain that in some other post…)


So, to sum this post up:
Paleo Crunch is an absolutely delicious raw and organic bar, and I highly recommend it if you can get your hands on it!
No matter which flavor(s) you choose you can’t go wrong, and if you’re OK with the pea protein you have a really clean +20% protein bar that taste way better than any other you’ve had before (I’m actually eating a Strawberry Recovery Bar as I write this, and it is AMAZING!)

As far as I know Paleo Crunch is only available in Sweden, Norway, and Finland at this point (September 2014). If you live in any of these countries, you can find a list of stores (Sweden only) and distributors (Norway and Finland) here.
(If you’re from any other country you can always send a mail to iHerb ( and request them to take it into stock, that would be awesome! (And then you could use my first time customer discount code to save some on the purchase too!) ;)


Paleo Crunch Recovery Bar



3 thoughts on “Review: Paleo Crunch – Swedish, Raw, & 100% Organic Energy Bars

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    • Hi Randi!

      Not sure if you mean the blog or on Paleo Crunch wrappings?

      If you mean the blog, it is because it’s a great way for me to practice my English and to be able to reach people all over the world (you for example) :)

      I can’t answer for the text on the wrappings, but I guess it is so they don’t have to make changes to the production line if/when they are to export.

      Cheers! // Peter

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