Review: Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker – First Impressions And A Recipe

Here’s another review.
In this post I’ll share my first impressions of my latest kitchen gadget purchase, the Instant Pot electric pressure cooker.
(Oh, and there’s a recipe for it too!)

For a long, long, time I’ve been wanting to buy a pressure cooker, but honestly been a bit scared of them.
Then I saw both Nom Nom Paleo and The Domestic Man speak positively about the “Instant Pot”, an electric pressure cooker with a stainless steel insert that takes all the scary out of pressure cooking!
Wow, sure caught my attention! After some investigation I found that sold the device adjusted for operating on European standard voltage (220-240V), so at that point I knew how to get it and was basically just an order and a travel plug away from owning one.
Then, while browsing the web I accidentally stumbled upon a UK site who had an Instant Pot giveaway going on, so of course I had to enter. Unfortunately I did not win, but Instant Pot UK were generous enough to give every participant of the giveaway a £25 discount code to use if purchasing it. Now there was no reason not to buy it right away!
But everything can’t go that smooth, right?
When I entered my code something went wrong, and no discount was registered. However, a quick mail to Instant Pot UK and the issue was solved (thank you Chris for outstanding customer service!).

A little while later I picked up the delivery, and unboxed my shiny new 6-quart (6L) electric pressure cooker.
So what to do now? First I pressure cooked a round of just water to clean it (as recommended by the instructions (yes, I do read those)), then I started digging out leftover chicken carcasses from the freezer to make a batch of broth.
(Broth making is the main purpose I wanted a pressure cooker in the first place.)
For my first attempt I just added water and some apple cider vinegar, and set it to two hours on the Soup setting. Before I knew it the two hours had passed, and as soon as the pressure was released I took the lid of and was looking at a still simmering, wonderfully smelling, golden batch of broth!
I quickly strained it, divided it into jars, and (of course) filled a mug to the rim to taste it. DE-LI-CIOUS!
I had made broth in two hours that turned out better than any of my +24 hours sessions in the slow cooker ever did, and if that’s not an investment I don’t know what is.
Since then I’ve made broth, and broth. And then I made some more broth. (Did I mention I made broth too?)

Yes, when not making broth I’ve been experimenting some with cooking food in it too. Then mainly straight from frozen as I believe it’s another great potential time saving advantage I can get from it, to be able to still cook a decent meal those days you come home from work and have absolutely nothing planned or prepared.
I have not quite nailed the cooking times yet, but I’ll get there.

Another thing I absolutely love about it is that it never get hot enough to burn anything, so cleaning the stainless insert is super easy!

To summarize my first impressions:
I really do think the Instant Pot is a fantastic device that has potential to make parts of my life a bit easier, and even though there’s a great chance I’ll end up referring to it as my “broth maker” I’m sure it will also provide delicious real food dishes from time to time (especially when time is short).

If you’re interested in getting one yourself, you can get it from:
US: or
Europe: (deliver to 26 European countries, and don’t forget to add a travel plug to the order Update: Instant Pot UK contacted me after reading the review saying all orders are now shipped with two chords, one with UK plug and one with EU plug.) or (only deliver to UK).

For more information visit or


So, what about the recipe I mentioned in the beginning?
Don’t worry, here it is (and it is not from frozen).
It’s a really easy to make, simple yet rustic, pork stew that take less than an hour from start until it’s on your plate!

[gmc_recipe 6270]




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