Guest Post: "Make-All-The-Time Chocolate Chip Cookies", a recipe from "The Essential Paleo Cookbook"!


My deepest appologies for the silence lately, I’ve been busy doing other stuff. Simple as that.
However, I have an awesome recipe to share with you that I think will make up for my absence (big time!). This is a guest post from Louise at, and I think you’ll love this recipe. Louise just released her new cookbook – “The Essential Paleo Cookbook“, which comes with some amazing recipes and a whole bunch of awesome bonuses – click here to check it out!
Enough from me now, here’s Louise:
Despite the name, I don’t actually recommend making these cookies “all the time,” even if you find yourself wanting to.
They’re just too yummy, and it’s hard to stop eating them.
For sure, there are a lot of great Paleo cookie recipes, but Jeremy (my husband) and I can’t resist the fresh-baked yumminess of chocolate chip cookies every once in a while.

If you make these, I highly recommend the Enjoy Life chocolate chips, which have much better ingredients than 99% of chocolate chips you can find.
(And they’re even sold in Target now!)

[gmc_recipe 6322]
About Louise Hendon
Louise is the co-founder of and author of The Essential Paleo Cookbook. Apart from cooking a little too often, she really loves hiking and playing with her Shih Tzu named Karma.

Note from Strictly Paleo…ish!:
For all non-US readers, you can also get the Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips mentioned by Lousie from iHerb.
In case you missed my previous mentions of iHerb:
Here’s why I think you really should consider iHerb when looking for Paleo groceries (obviously also applies for all US readers too)!



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