Primal Kitchen™ Mayo Review And A Recipe: Skagenröra ("Skagen Mixture")

A few weeks ago I received a package containing a sample jar of Primal Kitchen™ Mayo.
Here’s my review of it, plus a fantastic traditional Swedish recipe which I think it is just perfect for!

Let me start by saying this: Primal Kitchen™ Mayo is an AWESOME product for anyone living a Paleo/Primal lifestyle!
It is made from avocado oil, organic cage-free eggs, organic egg yolks, organic vinegar and salt. That’s it!
No canola oil. No soybean oil. No added sugar. No weirdly named preservatives. Just pure and healthy ingredients. Just real food!
Of course you can make your own avocado oil based mayo, but there’s always the annoying risk of it separating (and avocado oil does not come cheap, at least not around here).
Primal Kitchen™ Mayo eliminate that risk and worry for you, guaranteeing you’ll get a smooth, healthy and delicious mayo for your hard earned money. Plus, let’s agree on that it’s damn convenient too!
The avocado oil has a discrete flavor (anyone making their Paleo friendly mayo with olive oil will definitely appreciate this mayo) and the eggs and salt is well balanced. However I did find it being quite acidic when tasting it straight from the jar. Therefor my personal opinion is that it is best used as an ingredient blended with other flavors that tone down the acidity a bit instead of, say, straight on top of your breakfast egg.

Primal Kitchen™ Mayo will be available from Primal Kitchen, Primal Blueprint and Thrive Market.
Being a Swede, I received the good news from Primal Kitchen that they will ship internationally to countries that allow it (and Sweden is on the OK list!).
The price will be $9.95 per jar, and Primal Kitchen will also sell it in 3-packs with FREE SHIPPING! (I assume that offer is only valid for domestic US orders though) plus, as the order quantity goes higher, there is a steeper discount as well.
Thrive Market is a really cool initiative. A membership allows you to buy Primal Kitchen™ Mayo and LOTS of other Paleo friendly products for heavily discounted prices. The membership is $59.95 a year, and for every paid membership Thrive Market give a membership to a low-income family. That makes you able to save money on your own purchases while giving another family in a less fortunate situation the possibility to afford buying healthy food too. How awesome is that!?
What’s even better is that you get a chance to try it out before becoming a member. You register for FREE here and will then be able browse the catalog, see the member savings, and get 15% off your first purchase. As soon as you’ve made your first purchase your 30-day free membership trial starts, where you can enjoy the membership discount and see how much you can save. If you don’t want to proceed as a member you can cancel the membership at any time within the 30-day trial.
Currently Thrive Market only ships to the Contiguous U.S, but I received a mail from them saying they are working hard on being able to extend their shipping to customers around the world, and hope to be able to do so in the coming months!





So. I said something about a delicious, traditional Swedish recipe, right?
When I thought about what kind of recipe I wanted to make with the Primal Kitchen™ Mayo, I first made a little checklist:

  • First of all I wanted to stay true to the spirit of Primal Kitchen™ Mayo, and only include ingredients that I think are beneficial for your health.
  • I wanted to make it strict.
  • I (obviously) wanted it to be delicious.
  • I wanted to keep it simple so that as many as possible can enjoy it.
  • Finally I wanted to make something that really represent Sweden.

This recipe nails every single criteria on the list! This is my version of a traditional Swedish recipe (actually closer to the original recipe than most out there today). By adding a healthy dose of Omega-3’s, some protein, vitamins and minerals to the Primal Kitchen™ Mayo you’ll whip this ridiculously tasty and flavorful recipe up in about 15 minutes, and you’ll be able to eat it during your Whole30 too!
Let me present, SKAGENRÖRA (“Skagen mixture”)!




The original recipe for Skagenröra was invented by Tore Wretman (1916 – 2003), an iconic Swedish chef.
If you know your Danish geography, you might think this recipe originates from Denmark. Skagen is a beautiful place located on the north tip of the Danish peninsula of Jylland (Jutland), however, this recipe has little to do with the town of Skagen. Here’s the story behind the recipe:
In the 70’s, Tore was sailing in a regatta around Skagen. The wind lulled, and chances of victory were gone. The crew became gloomy and Tore wanted to cheer them up so he went to see what was available on the boat, which wasn’t much.
He found eggs, oil, shrimps, dill, lemon, bleak roe and some white bread. He whipped up a mayonnaise, chopped the shrimps and dill and served it on toast with the roe shaped as an egg.
When the crew asked Tore what he called the creation, he gazed out over the still, mirror-like water, and spotted the northern tip of Jylland at the horizon.
“But of course, it’s a Toast Skagen!” Tore replied.
And that was the birth of a now classic recipe.




Today most recipes call for a 50/50 mixture of mayonnaise and sour cream. There are endless variations where some include horseradish, red onion is commonly added, some use chili, other chives. I’ve seen mustard in the ingredient lists, and also other types of seafood such as crawfish, crab, scallops and even different fishes.
It is often served on triangular or round shaped butter-fried toasts, but also with baked potatoes, as subway style sandwich filling, on waffles, with potato hash browns and so on.
You see, there is basically just the imagination that is the limit for how you can mix it up and what you can serve it to.
Obviously I can’t recommend serving it on toast or stuff a subway sandwich with it, but I do have a few recommendations as seen in the pictures above and below.
It’s ridiculously tasty to top an avocado half with a generous amount, which makes a kick-ass lunch! Put it on mini Paleo pancakes (e.g. use this recipe for pancake batter, but exclude the vanilla and add a pinch of salt) and you’ve got a no-effort but fancy and delicious starter! Served on top of seed crackers you’ve got a brunch that will make others wish they were Paleo too, and topping a few eggs with it gives you a breakfast for kings or an interesting appetizer.
Whatever you do, DO NOT miss serving it with some extra roe, a few extra shrimps, and the characteristic dill weed garnish. And make sure there are lemon wedges available for anyone who wants to give it an extra lemony kick!




Since I found the Primal Kitchen™ Mayo being quite acidic already from the start, I added lemon zest to give the acidity more of a lemon feel which goes great with shrimps. However, when tasting the mixture I was surprised how much the other ingredients had balanced out the acidity, so I actually decided to add the juice from one lemon wedge to increase the lemon flavor and slightly up the acidity again.
I also added some roe to the mixture, both for flavor, looks and texture (and the extra Omega-3) and the same goes for the chopped red onion (well, not the Omega-3 aspect then of course).
I said I wanted to keep it strict, and this is a recipe you can have during your whole30 (just make sure that what you’re serving it with is compliant too, and that the roe doesn’t contain any nasty stuff (see note in the recipe). I also believe it is AIP friendly (without really knowing, my apologies if I am wrong…I still have a lot to learn when it comes to the Autoimmune Protocol.)


Anyhow, I’ve been blabbering waaaay longer than I intended now, and it’s definitely about time to give you the recipe.
For those of you that had the energy to stay with me and read all the way down to here, thank you and I hope you enjoyed it!
I really do think you should give both the Primal Kitchen™ Mayo and the recipe a try, it’s little effort and I’m quite convinced you will not regret it.
Here it is:


[gmc_recipe 6359]





**Mayo jar picture is taken from


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