March 17 INSANE Paleo e-book event!!




Just another quick information post:
Tomorrow, Tuesday March 17, there will be a totally INSANE Paleo e-book event! It’s a one-day-only opportunity to get your hands on 15 of the best Paleo books and cookbooks available for as low as $0.99!
If I understand Amazon correctly (and from what I remember from last time this event took place) e-book prices on Amazon are based on file size, meaning some picture heavy might be reduced to $2.99 at the lowest…but that is still a steal!
If you have an i-device and prefer iBooks over Kindle however, there’s a good chance all books are $0.99!

To make sure you don’t miss the event, and to be notified as soon as the prices drop tomorrow, sign up for the Buck Books newsletter asap!

Here’s the line-up of the books included in the event:

1. The Paleo Cure – by Chris Kresser
2. The Primal Connection – by Mark Sisson
3. The Everything Paleo Pregnancy Book – by Tarah Chieffi

1. Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple – by Danielle Walker
2. Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook – by Sarah Fragoso
3. The Zenbelly Cookbook – by Simone Miller
4. Make Ahead Paleo – by Tammy Credicott
5. 52 Healthy Paleo Breakfast Ideas – by Caitlin Weeks
6. The Paleo Slow Cooker – by Arsy Vartanian
7. The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook – by Joshua Weissman
8. Make it Paleo – by Bill Staley and Hayley Mason
9. Paleo Grilling – by Tony Federico
10. Paleo by Season – by Peter Servold
11. Paleo Eats – by Kelly Bejelly
12. Merrymaker Paleo – by Emma and Carla Papas

I mentioned this event has been held before. That was back in November last year, and that day 10 of the 15 books included made it to the Top 22 list in Amazon’s Kindle store!
That’s how popular the event was then, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out tomorrow.
Remember, this is not the average deals of web scraped e-books you see advertised daily, these are all the real deal (and some of the best there books available)!

The question now is if you can afford to miss this event?
(I know I’ll be getting all the titles I don’t already have!)



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