Paleo Vanilla Sauce

Paleo Vanilla Sauce - Strictly Paleoish

A pie is not a pie without a good vanilla sauce to go with it!
Good thing this recipe turned out great then and, for me at least, it will settle any future vanilla sauce cravings.

This paleo vanilla sauce is of course both dairy and gluten free. It is quick and easy to make and the result is a soft and light cold dessert sauce with a distinct vanilla flavor, accompanied by coconut and maple syrup.
Serve it to your favorite dessert pie or why not to some grilled pineapple, or make it simple and just pour some over a bowl of fresh fruit.
(Teaser: if you need inspiration the next recipe in line is for the pie I just had it to.)

Here’s how to make Paleo Vanilla Sauce:

[gmc_recipe 6513]



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