Sweet BBQ Pulled Pork


Sweet BBQ Pulled Pork


If you too live in a part of the world where the grilling season is not quite there yet, I thought I should give you a recipe so that you still can make good use of that Paleo BBQ Sauce I posted last week. This is an all indoors recipe, but require a slow-cooker, and it will definitely bring you that BBQ feel without having to fire up the grill.
(I know there probably are some of you jumping up and down right now screaming “what the h*ll is he saying?? The grilling season NEVER stops, regardless of where you live!!” I totally respect that and wish I had that dedication too, but honestly I don’t find much pleasure in outdoor cooking during the Swedish autumn or winter. To me it’s so related to late spring and summer I’m actually a little bit afraid it would take some of the magic of that season away if I would be grilling year round.)
Anyhow, obviously there’s nothing stopping you from giving this recipe a try even if you’ve already got your grill on!

This is the second pulled pork recipe I’ve posted. Personally I think this recipe is much better than the previous one, but if you’re eating low-carb you would probably still find the old recipe more interesting as this one includes some maple syrup that undeniably adds some carbs.
On the other hand that slight sweetness combined with the hint of smoke, makes this dish taste amazing!

One really nice and convenient thing about this recipe is that you can prepare step 1 to 3 on the night before and then just throw it in the slow-cooker before you head off to work the following morning, making it an awesome weeknight dinner!

Here’s what to do if you want to try it out:


[gmc_recipe 6628]



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