Primal Life Kit 2014!


Primal Life Kit 2014


April 21st – April 28th Only!


If Santa rules December, it’s pretty safe to say April is totally owned by…
Yes friends, it’s time for the craziest Paleo e-book bundle of the year again!
In case you haven’t heard about Paleo Plan’s yearly “Primal Life Kit“, I can tell you that it is hands down the best Paleo e-book offer you can get. No doubt about it, and this year’s bundle is INSANE!
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About iHerb


Just a quick FYI post…
You might have seen me giving praise to iHerb before…truth is, I like them so much I decided to put up all about it on a dedicated page.
Read about why I think they’re awesome, what is in it for you, and see what I buy myself from them!

Go check it out here!


Have a great weekend!

New year, new blog


It has been a while?
Well…despite the silence, I have been working. A lot.
Here is a short list of what has been going on around here lately:

  1. The entire blog has got a major face lift, a brand new design!
  2. I moved the blog to a self hosted solution, which will give me more freedom to adjust it as I wish.
  3. I have improved the layout for all recipes. They are much more user friendly now, with increased readability and better overview, and you can choose to print just the recipe if you like (with or without the related picture).
  4. The recipe category pages have got a complete makeover. Instead of showing the tag archives with a long list of post excerpts spread over multiple pages they are now showing a proper index in alphabetical order of all recipes matching the chosen category, displayed with a picture, title and short summary or description.
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Why, And What, I Buy From iHerb


You’ve probably seen that I on a few occasions said I consider iHerb being a great resource when shopping for items that fit a primal lifestyle?
I thought it’s about time I share some examples of products I buy from there myself (or that are on my wish list)…

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