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Just a quick FYI post…
You might have seen me giving praise to iHerb before…truth is, I like them so much I decided to put up all about it on a dedicated page.
Read about why I think they’re awesome, what is in it for you, and see what I buy myself from them!

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Have a great weekend!


New year, new blog


It has been a while?
Well…despite the silence, I have been working. A lot.
Here is a short list of what has been going on around here lately:

  1. The entire blog has got a major face lift, a brand new design!
  2. I moved the blog to a self hosted solution, which will give me more freedom to adjust it as I wish.
  3. I have improved the layout for all recipes. They are much more user friendly now, with increased readability and better overview, and you can choose to print just the recipe if you like (with or without the related picture).
  4. The recipe category pages have got a complete makeover. Instead of showing the tag archives with a long list of post excerpts spread over multiple pages they are now showing a proper index in alphabetical order of all recipes matching the chosen category, displayed with a picture, title and short summary or description.
  5. The URL structure is made more user friendly, no more weird codes based on dates and other numbers. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Strictly Paleo…ish!

Today, 1 year ago, I posted the first post on Strictly Paleo…ish! (an Indian inspired chicken stew, served with cauliflower rice).
It has been an AMAZING journey and experience since.
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Blog direction / strategy…

Hi there!

Wow…soon half a year has already passed since I started this blog as a just-for-fun side project while being on paternity leave with my youngest daughter…
My initial intention was just to document some of the stuff I cook, and thought a blog could be a good format to do this in so that others potentially could benefit from it too. At that time I honestly didn’t think I would have any readers (except for maybe my girlfriend out of kindness, haha!)), but I’m happy to say I was wrong! :)
More people than I could ever imagine have somehow found their way to my little blog and shown interest in my food, leaving the kindest heart warming comments and through encouragement and genuine support turned this project into something much more serious than I first planned it to be.
A very touching experience, and for that I am truly grateful.

This fact has made me make my first decision for the Strictly Paleo…ish! blog: I will continue writing it.

With that decided, I also feel I need to do a few changes to it…:

Change #1)
So…in a few weeks I will be back at work, and this most definitely means less time for me to plan, cook, experiment and blog about the results.
Therefor I will take on an advice I got when I first started the blog (the wise man who gave me the advice was Russ from The Domestic Man, an amazing guy who, through encouragement in an email correspondence about 6 months ago, to a large extent is “responsible” for me starting this blog at all… (when you’re done reading this, go check his awesome food out!)).
The advice was to have a posting strategy, which I at this point feel is unavoidable.
This means that future posts will be made once a week, and I’ve decided that Sunday is the day I will post.

Change #2)
After watching the blog statistics over the past months, it’s quite obvious the paleo oriented posts are more popular than the LCHF oriented posts.
I will try to take this into consideration when cooking for blog posts, so don’t be surprised if future posts put more emphasis on the paleo aspects than the LCHF ones. (This basically means that I will try to avoid dairy in the recipes as much as possible, and also try to give options for included dairy whenever applicable.)
There will for sure still be LCHF oriented posts coming, but most probably they’ll be less frequent.

Change #3)
Something that totally has blown my mind when watching the statistics is how many countries people have visited the blog from! (The last time I checked the list contained 89(!) countries.)
This has made me decide that I will from now on specify all ingredients etc. in both US and metric units.
Unfortunately I don’t know the used systems of all visiting countries, but specifying at least both US and metric units will make it easier for a lot of readers to use the recipes (and I have to draw the line somewhere…).
I will also gradually update all old posts so that they specify both types of measurements too.

Change #4)
The Unit Converter and Other Tools sections will be removed as they’re hardly used at all.

That’s all I had for now, and the above changes will also soon be reflected on the About page.

Finally I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing interest in this blog and the food I post!
I really, really, appreciate the comments I get, no matter their nature, and strongly encourage you to keep commenting and interacting with me! :)

Talk to you again on Sunday then, now go have an awesome day! :)

Best Regards,20120904-224546.jpg