Why, And What, I Buy From iHerb


You’ve probably seen that I on a few occasions said I consider iHerb being a great resource when shopping for items that fit a primal lifestyle?
I thought it’s about time I share some examples of products I buy from there myself (or that are on my wish list)…

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Whole30 Summary: Week 4


4 weeks done, 2 days to go!

Even though week 3-4 has been much more routine or “autopilot” than week 1-2, I’m now back to feeling just as enthusiastic about the program as I was during the first weeks!

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Whole30 Summary: Week 1


So…today is day 7 of my first Whole30. 25% done. 3 weeks to go.
Since I’m not posting any new recipes during this period, I’m instead trying to briefly summarize my experience after each week.
Ok then…week 1, here we go:

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