PALÆO: Primal Lunch in Copenhagen!

If you’re ever going to Copenhagen…make sure you swing by Palæo for a quick lunch!

Just spent a few days in Copenhagen…a well deserved getaway from kids, home and everyday duties! ;)
Anyway…while being there, of course I had to grab a lunch at “Palæo”, a recently opened primal only fast-food restaurant!!

Their catch phrase is “Primal Gastronomy”, and these guys really should be able to back that statement up…the menu at Palæo is designed by no other than the head chef of the Guide Michelin-starred Copenhagen restaurant “Kong Hans”, Thomas Rode Andersen.
Thomas himself has been into the paleolithic lifestyle since 2005, and has the last couple of years become a front figure of the danish paleo movement.
However…it seems as he’s somewhat tired of being recognized as “the stone-age chef”, so lest just call him a truly skilled chef who has got the big picture figured out!

This awesome fast-food restaurant is placed in “Torvehallerne”, which is a market place housed in two big glass cubes (Palæo is in cube “1”). The address is Rømersgade 18, and (as per July 2012) has the following opening hours:
• Mon-Thu: 10:00-20:00
• Fri: 10:00-21:00
• Sat: 10:00-19:00
• Sun: 11:00-18:00

It was easy to find, and took me maybe 10-15 minutes to walk there from the town center (read “main shopping street” (i.e. “Strøget”))…but hey, by paleolithic measures that’s a short walk to hunt down your food, right? ;)
(Plus…if you take “Købmagergade”/”Fredriksborggade” from “Strøget” you have a lot of stuff to look at while walking there…).

Once there it took me another 15 minutes just to make up my mind on what to order (honestly, I wanted to try everything on the menu…but unfortunately (or fortunately…maybe) I wasn’t that hungry).
I finally decided to try out their meatza, and had some chilled coconut water to drink to that.
It was made of minced beef and topped with cherry tomato compote, shallot confit, pickled mushrooms and parsley pesto, served on a disposable wooden plate along with a wooden knife and fork.
For this high-quality lunch I paid 98 DKK (about $16)…and needless to say, it was daaaamn good!

Other things on the menu was (keeping the translation short):
• Confit of chicken.
• Quail eggs.
• Fresh salads.
• Different omelet wrapped hotdogs with toppings.
• Vegetable spaghetti with a meat sauce made of duck hearts.
• Omelet wraps with salmon or duck plus various extra fillings.
• To drink you could choose coconut water, water, or freshly pressed juice from different combinations of vegetables, fruit and berries.

This really should be the golden standard for fast food joints…
(You hear that, Ronald McDonald?!
-Watch and learn how to make proper food!!
Meh…who am I trying to fool….damn clown.)

I really recommend paying them a visit if you have the chance, meanwhile you could give ’em sum luv on their Facebook page.

Additional reading (and the source for the non personally experienced info in the text above) can be found here, and their official website (in Danish) is:

Just wanted to share this with you, next time I’ll be back with a new recipe.
Until then, take care!

Oh! Just gotta squeeze this in as well….
When I was walking back from Palæo, I saw the coolest/weirdest street show.
For a short while it got me wondering what kind of ‘shrooms they put on that meatza…;)