Anytime Frittata

Anytime Frittata.jpg
What is there not to love about frittata?
It’s light enough to make an awesome breakfast that’ll keep you going for many hours…it’s quick enough to throw together from scratch for lunch…and, with the right toppings, it sure can be a dinner as good as any other.
It can be eaten warm straight from the pan, or packed cold for your picnic.
As long as you have eggs you can make smashing frittata from pretty much what ever else you have at home…

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Truffle Mayonnaise


It’s not a secret by now that I’m a huge fan of truffle oil…
I love the delicate flavor, and how just a few drops can lift a dish to another level!
If you’ve never tried it, I strongly recommend you to hunt down a bottle of good quality truffle infused extra virgin olive oil…it’ll be your new best friend in the kitchen.

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Truffle Deviled Eggs

“Deviled eggs” is a great way to make a regular hard boiled egg much more interesting, and it’s not much work required to turn that egg into a delicious dish.

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