Glögg (x 2)


“Glögg” is the Scandinavian term for Mulled Wine. In this post I give you one recipe that is for grown-ups only, and one alcohol-free version for kids (of any age)…enjoy!

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Blackberry-Coconut Pannacotta


A few weeks ago I finally found a way to get my hands on grass fed gelatin (Great Lakes brand from iHerb if anyone missed it)…so today I thought it was about time to try it out.

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Anytime Frittata

Anytime Frittata.jpg
What is there not to love about frittata?
It’s light enough to make an awesome breakfast that’ll keep you going for many hours…it’s quick enough to throw together from scratch for lunch…and, with the right toppings, it sure can be a dinner as good as any other.
It can be eaten warm straight from the pan, or packed cold for your picnic.
As long as you have eggs you can make smashing frittata from pretty much what ever else you have at home…

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Sesame Cucumber Salad

Today’s recipe is a really quick and easy one, that goes great as a side dish…or why not as a snack?
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Paleo Porridge


Breakfast is often what people find hardest to keep inspiring when adopting a primal lifestyle…
It’s without a doubt the most habitual meal we eat (since it’s such a huge and important part of our morning routines) and it IS hard to change the way we’ve started a day for years and years (and years).

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