Flygande Jacob ("Flying Jacob")


Sorry for the lack of new recipes lately…there has been a lot on the agenda, and honestly, after migrating all recipes to the new format I was pretty fed up with writing recipes for a while.
Anyhow, I am back with a new recipe for you now, and it feels great!
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Slow-Cooked Christmas Ham


Last week I posted a recipe for Christmas meatballs.
Today I’m giving you a recipe for my other Christmas must-have: Ham!

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Make-Ahead Christmas Meatballs


We usually don’t make a lot of Christmas food since what we eat on Christmas Eve (that’s the day we celebrate Christmas in Sweden) is plenty enough to make you crave ordinary food again.
However, there are two things we always make a lot of so that we can go and munch on it through the entire Holidays season: ham and meatballs!

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Slow-cooked Moose Roast


Every time I eat game meat I wonder why I don’t do it more often…it’s so delicious, and it doesn’t get more pastured than that.
I guess the answer is habits.
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Glögg (x 2)


“Glögg” is the Scandinavian term for Mulled Wine. In this post I give you one recipe that is for grown-ups only, and one alcohol-free version for kids (of any age)…enjoy!

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