…this blog:
On April 10, 2012, I started this blog as a just-for-fun side project while being on 6 months paternity leave with my youngest daughter…
My initial intention was just to document some of the stuff I cook, and thought a blog could be a good format to do this in so that others potentially could benefit from it too. At that time I honestly didn’t think I would have any readers, but I’m happy to say I was wrong!
More people than I could ever imagine somehow found their way to this little blog of mine and showed genuine interest in my food, which kind of turned this project into something much more serious than I first planned for it to be…
This made me, when the 6 months of paternity leave was almost over, decide that I would continue writing it, with the intention to make a new post each Sunday.

I’m a 30…ish year old guy living in the metric part of the world, Sweden to be more precise.
English is not my native tounge, so please bear with the miss-spellings and grammatic errors. I choose to write in english because it’s a great way for me to practice, and hopefully it also increases the chances of reaching more readers that are interested in my kind of food…

…the name of the blog:
As I do occasionally include high fat dairy in some recipes, I do not have the heart to label the blog as being strictly Paleo, but it sure is Strictly Paleo…ish.
Still I aim to keep the majority of the recipes strictly Paleo though…

I’m absolutely no expert in the topics i write about, nor do I intend trying to sound like one.
For expert references on the matters, please check the links section.


30 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh I just found out you are Swedish too! I think we have more than a few things in common…. scary!

    • I sure am! :)
      One of my plans for the blog is to every now and then try to include Paleo/LCHF versions typical Swedish stuff…remember to check every once in a while! (…who knows, maybe some recipes can cure temporary home-sickness too! ;)
      So far I’ve got Dillkött and Pepparrotskött up…Småländsk Ostkaka will absolutely go up in the future if you like that (I know, it’s a love-it-or-hate-it thing…haha!) :)
      Anyway, take care and thanks for checking in and taking the time to comment!

        • Dang! Thanks for the reminder Janne! :)
          (Since I started to minimize my dairy consumption it has been pushed down the list for obvious reasons…)
          I’ll give it a few tries to make a reduced dairy version (that will likely end up to be a “Caribbean Småländsk Ostkaka”) ;)
          If it turns out nice I’ll post it, if not I’ll post the original one with a disclaimer for the Paleo police to close their eyes until the week after, haha!
          (I have a hard time seeing how I could make it completely dairy free…after all it is a cheese cake. But a promise is a promise and I will keep it!) :)

          Thanks for the comment Janne, have a great weekend!


          • Trying to minimize my own consumption of diary food to, but there are some meals from my childhood and from life pre-paleo/LC that I still miss. Ostkaka is one of those. :)

            Caribbean sounds like a nice touch to the traditional dish. Please keep me updated on the result of this dish.

            25. mai 2013 kl. 10:50 skrev “Strictly Paleo…ish!” :

            > >

  2. I just found you and am delighted. I would never have known that English is not your first language – until I read it on your “About” page. I am envious, as we Americans seldom shine in our own language, much less master that of anyone else. I hope you keep posting, as I plan to follow you.

    • Ouida, thanks for those kind words!
      Makes me really happy to see you enjoy reading my stuff :)
      I will definitely keep posting…when I first started this blog as a way of documenting my stuff (mainly for myself) I had no expectations of getting any readers or followers…I’m happy to admit I’ve been proven wrong.
      I have now, just a few months later, got a visit count that, to me, is unbelievable..and I know I’ve got some followers and I get the kindest comments. Actually it’s quite overwhelming :)

      Once again…thank you for taking the time to write this, and hope you’ll enjoy my future posts aswell!

      Take care now. :)

      All the best // Strictly Paleo…ish!

      PS. Yeah, amazing what impact the American music and movie export can have on the language skills in other countries… ;)

  3. great stuff! I just found you in Chow Stalker (Salty Fried Coconut) and will definitely be following you. Swedes in my ancestry but all I speak is English and I suspect yours is better than mine! I’m a lazy speaker and take many liberties with my native language.

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    • Hi!

      Don’t know if I will pass it on or not yet…usually I don’t do such things, but this one is kind of different as it’s obvious you’ve put some thought and effort into it.

      Any way…I still want to thank you for letting me know about it, for thinking my blog is one of those you want to nominate and pass it on to, and for taking the time to do so.
      I truly appreciate it!

      Wish you a great day! :)

    • Hi!

      A while back I gave it some thought whether I would partake in “pay-it-forward” or “badge linking” style blog awards, and decided not to.

      Nevertheless, I do want to thank you for thinking I deserve the nomination. I’m honored knowing you read my blog, and that it has made an impression enough to end up on your list.
      Truly appreciate it!

      I hope my decision does not upset you(?), and that I manage to inspire also in future posts.

      Take care!

  5. Hi there, I’m an American living with my Dutch husband and 2 daughters just outside of Stockholm. I recently stumbled upon the lchf and paleo/primal lifestyles and am considering giving it a try. Do you have any recommendations for stores that stock primarily organic or paleo-friendly products in Sweden/Stockholm, or even a home delivery service (matkasse) that does the same, but more a la carte than recipe + food packages? Any information you can share to make my transition and compliance with the diet easier would be sincerely appreciated!

    • Hi Danielle!

      Happy to see you’ve found my blog, hope I’ve got some inspiration for you! :)

      I’m glad to hear you’re considering giving the Paleo/Primal or LCHF lifestyle a chance, and I really think you should! Without knowing where you are now, I’m fully convinced its an investment in your health and over all life quality that will pay off!

      I’m living in the south of Sweden, so unfortunately I wouldn’t know of any specialized stores in the Stockholm region…
      However…if shopping at Willy’s, give the “Garant” line of products some extra attention, if shopping at Coop give the “Änglamark” line some extra attention, and if shopping at ICA give the “ICA ❤Eco” line some extra attention.
      But, here comes my first recommendation for making a successful transition, make it a habit to always (ALWAYS) read everything (EVERYTHING) on the labels! It’s educational, you stay aware, and the bigger your knowledge grows the wiser decisions you’ll make.
      I’m not sure if it’s the case everywhere, but it could be good to know that at least in Sweden the ingredient listings are written in an order that starts with the ingredient that makes largest component of the product to the smallest.

      My recommendation for where to shop your meat is to find a “Gårdsbutik” in your area. Then you can speak to the farmer, you can see how the animals are raised etc. just google “Gårdsbutik Stockholm” and see what you find.
      For vegetables I would recommend the same during summer, it’s not uncommon with farms where you can pick your own (“självplock”).
      Note: just because it’s locally produced it does not have to mean its organic, grass fed etc. Talking to the farmer will let you know for sure (and chances are quite high that they’ll provide the good stuff…)

      I wouldn’t recommend going for a home delivery service. By doing that you just leave the knowledge and control to someone else…and if the service stops you’re almost back at square one.
      I think the key to a good and sustainable transition is getting knowledge, so you can make the decisions that you need for yourself. So that you control your own situation based on your own believes and knowledge, no matter the circumstances.

      If I were to recommend one book, it would without a doubt be “Practical Paleo” by Diane Sanfilippo.
      It’s got everything you need to know and more, and is written in a way that explains things in a very good way. Depending on your goals and needs, it got different plans lined up for you, that are all based on the same paleo framework. The layout is great, and I think anyone would benefit from reading it.

      Hope this helped, and just let me know if there is anything else I can help you with or answer!
      (Eg if you need help to find a few farms in your area…just send me a mail with some info about what area you live in and I’ll see what I can find for you.)

      My last advice is to not waste time on thinking about the things you can’t have, instead focus an all the great things you CAN have!
      And remember, “reaching a goal is like climbing a huge pile of sand…you’ll probably slide back every once in a wile, but as long as you keep climbing you’ll reach the top”.

      Take care and good luck!

      // Peter

  6. I just started following the Paleo way of life, only two weeks in and I am struggling to keep things interesting for my better half who is a lover of Wheat, Bread, and all the Anti-Paleo things…your blog and recipes look amazing, I am trying your pork chops tonight…

    I look forward to more :)

    • Hi Sam!

      Thanks, that makes me really happy to hear! :)
      I’m also happy for you and the positive choice of lifestyle change you have made!

      I know it can be difficult to “give up” on things you’ve been used to eating for a lifetime, and that’s why I always say that one of the keys to make a smooth and successful transition is to ignore any such feelings of what you can NOT have, and instead put all focus on all the great things you CAN have. (Positive energy over negative…)
      Comparing the two will likely just make things harder.
      And I would recommend not searching for substitutes, instead go for dishes that are complete anyway and where you wouldn’t feel pasta, bread etc is missing.

      Another key is knowledge, it’s much easier to give up things if you know they’re not good for you, and why that is. If I should make a recommendation on how to get that knowledge in a modern, not too “doctory”, way it would be Diane Sanfilippo’s book “Practical Paleo”.
      (Also Marks Sisson’s web page is great for this, see my links section.)

      Also, if your better half is not totally sold in on the concept yet, give her some time…the motivation must come from within and can’t be forced.
      I’m sure she’ll notice the changes in you and hopefully become more interested in gaining those wins herself.

      Anything I can help you with, or if you just want to bounce thoughts or questions, don’t hesitate to comment here on the blog or send me an email. I’m more than happy to try to do my best and help you out if needed! :)

      Oh, and if you have the time I would be really happy to hear how you liked the pork chops! :)
      (Love feedback on my recipes, and it also helps out to know previous opinions when creating new ones)

      Take care Sam, and I wish you all the best with the changes of lifestyle you’re making!


  7. Hello there!

    I’ve been reading up on various paleo/primal/lchf lifestyles and I find myself more curious about the lchf lifestyle. I’m not even sure how to go about making this change because I do struggle with being paleo/primal (I falter due to cravings, which I think are linked to lipids). Would you please shine some more light on lchf or maybe even point me in the right direction?

    • Hi Angela!

      Sure! :)

      I’ll try to keep it rather short, too much can be…too much, and LCHF 101’s are already written by others (and probably much better than I ever could), so I suggest you start by reading this:

      Regarding dairy (which is commonly, but not necessarily, included in LCHF), I suggest you find out whether you tolerate it well or not before just deciding to include it in your diet (like I said…LCHF often includes it, but it’s not uncommon that people are better off without it…I’m guessing that tolerating dairy probably is the deviation if looking at it on a global level.)
      So how do you find that out? … You exclude it completely for at least 30 days, reflect on how you feel, then re-introduce it and see if anything changes.
      (Oh, and we’re of course talking full fat, low-processed dairy products only!)

      Regarding the transition:
      Depending on your current carb-status you could potentially experience some lack of energy (mental and physical) and maybe some headaches during the first weeks.
      If so, you should know this will pass.
      See it as withdrawal symptoms, and you need to go through it to become clean. Once it passes you’ll likely experience increased mental and physical energy, which is of course very good for the motivation.
      Also, I suggest that your focus should be on the change of lifestyle you are making, rather than loosing pounds and inches.
      Lifestyle compliance is instantly measurable with a simple yes or no, and the positive side effects of a healthy lifestyle will follow.
      And if/when you fall off the wagon, don’t see it as failure…see it as a lesson, dust yourself off, learn from it and move on with the lifestyle you believe in.
      Personally, I still fall off from time to time, but I’m always trying to learn from it…how did it make me feel, what triggered it and so on.
      It does take time to learn how to live your life in a new way, and the most important thing is to keep wanting to improve it in that direction.

      Regarding cravings:
      We all get them…I know I do at least.
      I guess everyone has their own methods of dealing with them, but for me, using my knowledge to make my common sense win over my brain spooks seems to work the best (+ it boost my confidence in what I can do if I only decide to).
      Regarding cravings disguised as “hunger” I say to myself: “Cool, but I’ll have an egg instead”…if that sounds like a good idea I probably am hungry and if not it was just cravings.

      I hope this helped answering some of your questions or concerns(?).
      You are always more than welcome to email me, or post comments here, if you have any questions or want to bounce something.
      I will do my very best to help you get the answers.

      Take care Angela, I wish you all the best with your change of lifestyle!

      // Peter

  8. I just found your beautiful site! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to create it! I am always searching for healthy gluten, dairy, sugar free recipes, and Paleo almost fits the bill, except for the honey. So I found you on Pintrest and just “liked” your fried cauliflower rice on FB announcing I was starting Mother’s Day (tomorrow) with a 21 day sugar detox and starting tonight with your rice. Hopefully my husband and son are out catching the fish right now.

    I also have some ground deer in the freezer and am delighted that you have a nice looking goulash recipe that I can finally put it in! Once again, thank you so much!

    • Hi Caroline!

      What a comment, you just made my day! :)
      I’m really happy to hear you find interest in what I post here, and hope you’ll keep coming back and that I’ll keep posting recipes you’ll like.

      Regarding the Ground Game Goulash…personally, I think it’s awesome!
      ( And I would LOVE to hear what your opinion is too if you do try it out) :)

      Have a feeling that a “good luck” with the 21DSD really isn’t necessary (as honey is your one and only “issue” with Paleo), so instead I congratulate you on the decision, and in advance for nailing it ;)

      Hope you boys brought home some big ones, doesn’t get much fresher than that!

      Take care Caroline, thank you so much for all the kind words…they’re MUCH appreciated!


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  10. Starting reading your Whole30 recipes as suggested… and I noticed alot of Swedish dishes… click over to the about page and BAM. Yep. Your defs Swedish! Love the site even more, as I am an American PT living in working in Sweden. My clients will love how you have taken classic Swedish dishes and made them Whole30 friendly. Thanks!

    • Oh, that’s awesome! :)
      Yep, I’m definitely Swedish (and that’s also why all recipes have the units stated in both US and Metric values).

      Hope you’re Whole30 is still going smoothly, and thanks for the comment!


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