Apple Crumb Pie




Last week I posted a recipe for Paleo vanilla sauce, and promised to follow up with a recipe of something you can serve it to.
Therefore, here’s my Paleo friendly version of a classic Swedish apple crumb pie! Continue reading


Primal Kitchen™ Mayo Review And A Recipe: Skagenröra ("Skagen Mixture")

A few weeks ago I received a package containing a sample jar of Primal Kitchen™ Mayo.
Here’s my review of it, plus a fantastic traditional Swedish recipe which I think it is just perfect for! Continue reading

Blodpudding (Blood Pudding)


I dare you to try this traditional Swedish dish!
Don’t let the name or main ingredient scare you, it’s both nutritious and delicious and I promise it’s nothing like what you are picturing right now.
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Lingonberry Jam

In my mind, when it comes to food, not many things says Swedishness quite as much as lingonberry jam (except for maybe the meatballs it’s being served to…).

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“Ribbensteg” (or “Flæsksteg”) is a traditional Danish pork roast…prepared, and eaten, with the skin on!
It may sound scary, but this is sooooo good! Think…crispy pork rinds on meat!
(Ooh…got your attention now, did I?) ;)

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