Lemon/Garlic/Herb Pork Chops

Today’s dinner was quick, simple, full of flavor and really had that fresh summer feel to it: Grilled Pork Chops marinated in Lemon, Garlic and Herbs.
(It’s not a real summer without grilled Pork Chops if you ask me…) ;)

I’ll try to write down the estimated amount of the ingredients used, but I really don’t think being exact is very important in this case…follow your gut and you’ll be fine (+ it’s more fun)!

4 Pork Chops, bone-in.
3 tbsp Olive Oil.
Zest from one Lemon.
Juice from one Lemon.
2-3 Cloves of Garlic, minced.
1 tbsp dried Thyme.
1 tbsp dried Basil.
1/2 tbsp crushed Black Pepper.
1 tsp Sea Salt, flakes.

How To:
Make 3-4 cuts through the fat cap of each pork chop, and put them in a large plastic bag.
Mix the rest of the ingredients in a bowl, and then pour it in the bag with the pork chops.
Try to get the air out of the bag and seal it close to the opening, leaving it with as little air as possible but still space for the pork chops to move around a bit.
Start “massaging” the bag, until the pork chops are evenly rubbed and covered with the marinade.
Place in the fridge for at least a few hours before grilling them over direct heat.
(Take them out of the fridge when you light the grill, so they are room temperatured when you start to grill them.)

Paleo, LCHF (and damn yummy too!) ;)


I served these with grilled asparagus, a salad of diced zucchini, cucumber and cheese + a cold sauce similar to the one I used here (but today I also added a little bit of yellow mustard, and skipped the diced cucumber).

Wish you a nice day, and as always I appreciate your comments!