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As you might know I’m a huge fan of iHerb….but I have to admit it seems like they’ve got quite a strong contender in Vitacost!
I first came across Vitacost through my quest for Red Boat Fish Sauce (see list below), just as I first came across iHerb when looking for someone who could deliver Coconut Aminos to Sweden for a reasonable price. Vitacost provide both (and more)!
Just like i have the page for iHerb with a first time customer discount code, a Paleo friendly product list etc, I thought I should do the same for Vitacost oo (yes, including a first time customer discount offer (and it’s a good one too!)).
I’ll compile the page the same way, meaning I’ll start with the benefits of Vitacost, followed by what’s in it for you and why I think you should at least consider looking their way, and then I’ll round the page off with a living list that’ll grow over time with examples of what I buy from Vitacost (or have in my wishlist) myself.


Vitacost pro’s:
(Simply put…same as for iHerb: availability and price of an absolutely stunning range of products!)
As a matter of fact, Vitacost is so far the only resource I, being a Swede living in Sweden, have been able to to find that can send me grass fed gelatin, coconut aminos and Red Boat fish sauce in the same order, and for a very reasonable total price too!
And just as with iHerb, lots of the stuff I can buy here in Sweden, I can still buy cheaper from Vitacost.
Here’s an overview of benefits I think Vitacost holds, no matter if you live in the US or anywhere else in the world:

  • They have great prices! Period.
  • They offer a huge selection of products!
  • Domestic US orders over $49 have free standard delivery, and $0 tax on most states!
  • They deliver to more than 160 countries!
  • They have really good international shipping costs with DHL Global Mail!
  • You can easily check the shipping cost in the beginning of the checkout!
  • They offer an awesome first time customer discount! (See below…)

US customers, read more here.
International customers, read more here.


About the first time customer discount offer:
If you’re not already a Vitacost customer, and decide to place your first order with them, I strongly suggest you use my first time customer referal link to create your account!
You have absolutely nothing to lose by doing so, but quite some to win…
Using my first time customer referal link will give you $10 off your first order if the order value is $30 or more!
That’s up to 33% discount!!
In case you missed it, to create your account and unlock the first time customer offer, click: HERE.


What I buy from Vitacost myself:
Below is a living list, meaning I will add products to it over time, of what I buy (or have in my wishlist) from Vitacost myself.
Far from all products Vitacost provide are Paleo friendly, but the amount of products that are is simply amazing!
As always, read the labels before you make your decisions…
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The fine print:
The links on this page are not affiliate links. However, any first-time purchases of $30 or more made after creating the account through my referral link will give me Vitacost credits.
Images and parts of the product information on this page originate from or