Guest Post: Birgitta Höglund of "LCHF Made in Sweden"!

Hi friends!

Today I have the pleasure to share a guest post by Birgitta Höglund with you, so I’ll keep it short before handing the word over to Birgitta.
Birgitta to me is very warm, kind and humble person, a skilled chef, and somewhat of an icon within the Swedish LCHF (“Low Carb High Fat”) and Paleo movements. (I know she doesn’t quite agree with me when I say that, but I really think she deserve that title for all the great work she has done over the years spreading inspiration for health through real food. And hey, this is my blog and I say whatever I want, right?) ;)
Anyhow, Birgitta have just got three of her cookbooks translated and they are ready to be released on the US market this summer, so be sure to check them out!
So without further ado I let Birgitta present herself, her books, and share some recipes with you:




Hi, all readers of Strictly Paleo…ish!
My name is Birgitta Höglund and I’m a retired restaurant chef living in Östersund, Jämtland, Sweden.
After 18 years in many different restaurants I injured my back 15 years ago, which effectively ended my career and professional working life.
I searched all over for something that would alleviate my problems. At last, 6 years ago I changed my eating habits completely, from a diet full of pasta and sandwiches, to a lowcarb diet: LCHF. This decision made a great improvement on my health problems.
I slowly started to get my strength back and was now able to manage daily exercise. I had been very handicapped after a back surgery. I also started a food blog about my daily meals, which helped me a lot to maintain my new lifestyle.
My blog became one of the biggest health blogs in Sweden and after a couple of years I also started to write cookbooks about LCHF and Paleo. The last few years I’ve cut out most of the dairy products from my daily meals, and this has made an even greater impact on my health.

This summer all my three cookbooks will be released in English, and it is so exciting to get the opportunity to share my recipes and thoughts about natural and healthy food with the whole world! :)
I’m so glad that Peter asked me to share my story with you here on Strictly Paleoish, one of my favorite Paleo blogs in English.
I have chosen to share a recipe (or two) from my newly released book “Low Carb High Fat Barbecue“. Many of the recipes in the book are also Paleo…but my publisher didn’t allow me to use that in the title when I wrote the book 3 years ago. They thought that Paleo was just a “fling” at that time… ;)
Low Carb High Fat and Paleo Slow Cooking” and “Low Carb High Fat for Healthy Aging” (written together with Annika Dahlqvist, MD, and the founder of the LCHF-movement) will be released in early August.
I’ve just started a blog in English too, “LCHF Made in Sweden“. There I will share some of my favorite recipes and a lot of pictures from Sweden. You are most welcome to a visit! :)

The recipes I’ll share with you are for scallops marinated in basil oil, then quickly grilled on skewers, and served with a tangy lime aioli.
These scallops are a delicious treat to enjoy while you’re waiting for the coals to reach the right temperature for the main dish!




[gmc_recipe 6679]




[gmc_recipe 6693]








4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Birgitta Höglund of "LCHF Made in Sweden"!

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  2. I found health and pain free living thru my family’s Paleo 6 year journey. My wife and I are in our 60’s but we don’t feel or act our age. Paleo has changed every part of my body and my wife’s too. My life’s job; old military pilot and soon to retire major airline pilot is as far from Paleo as you can get. I coach CrossFit and I’m the proud coach of our lady’s kettlebell team “Hell’s Belles.” My wife and I live life to it’s fullest AND THIS IS POSSIBLE TO A VERY LARGE PART TO PALEO NUTRITION. I read the “scientific” articles saying Paleo is juke science but my DNA knows better. I’m very thankful to the small community of Paleo followers and blogs like this one. Paleo On!

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